When you are in a relationship that thrives, it is because you and your partner communicate well with one another, have mutual respect between you, and are willing to compromise on various things when needed. However, should trouble develop in the bedroom, the sense of intimacy you thought you had may quickly disappear. If it does, you may want to seek out sex therapy as a way to solve your problems. Often mischaracterized and misunderstood, sex therapy can be very beneficial to individuals and couples. If you need help with satisfaction and intimacy, here is how sex therapy can help.

Improve Communication

When you and your partner have sexual problems, they are often very hard for you to talk about in a way that makes both of you comfortable. Whether it’s difficulty communicating about sexual desires or feeling like you’re not being heard in general, know that many couples find that they’re not on the same page. When you visit a sex therapist, their training allows them to have the ability to help each of you talk about issues that are uncomfortable or embarrassing. By scheduling these meetings that cultivate vulnerability, you can take the first steps towards honest and open communication.

Help with Healing

If you or your partner experience pain during sex or perhaps have suffered sexually-related trauma in the past, this can drive a big wedge into your relationship. In most cases, this will mean you or your partner are very dissatisfied with your sex life. By working with a professional, like those at Covenant Sex Therapy, each of you can begin to heal from any trauma you may have suffered. In addition, should your therapist suspect a physical problem is at the root of your sexual problems, they can refer you to a physician for treatment.

Overcome Performance Anxiety

While usually associated much more with men, the fact is performance anxiety can affect both men and women. Men often worry about being able to reach and maintain an erection, while women may stay tense during sex, making them unable to reach orgasm. Many people experience anxiety about sexual performance at some point in their lives. In severe cases, this can cause depression and relationship difficulties. When you begin working with a sex therapist, you can learn coping strategies that can be used prior to and during sex to help you relax and enjoy the experience.

Recover from Infidelity

Finally, if your relationship has been impacted by infidelity on your part or that of your partner, reestablishing a sense of intimacy between the two of you may seem impossible. However, a sex therapist can be very useful in this situation. By getting each of you to express your true feelings to one another, you can find out why the infidelity occurred, how it has impacted your relationship, and the steps you can take to keep it from being part of your relationship once again.

Once you find a sex therapist whose advice you can trust, you and your partner can build a relationship that can include much more satisfaction and intimacy. Sex therapy can also help to resolve sexual problems and increase satisfaction. In addition, sex therapy can also help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. For these reasons, sex therapy is an important tool for many people. If you are struggling with sexual difficulties, please consider seeking out a qualified sex therapist. With the help of a professional, you can explore the root of your problem and find effective solutions. Sex therapy can be an immensely valuable experience for anyone who is open to it.