Every individual on the planet has a unique sense of style, and that is a very good thing. You know when you like a particular outfit and how it fits, but sometimes, you aren’t 100% sure what you should wear for an important occasion. You want to feel and look comfortable, confident, and attractive. Shopping experts are sharing their favorite tips on how to choose a formal dress that compliments your personality.

Find Inspiration

One way you can find the perfect formal dress that enhances everything about you is to look at a famous person you admire. Social media is full of photos of celebrities, athletes, political figures, and others who can inspire your next formal dress purchase.

You don’t have to have the bank account of a star to dress like one, either. Copy the color of the dress, the silhouette design, and the fabric to achieve a similar look.

Some of the best-dressed women in Hollywood include Emma Stone, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Ashley Graham, Jennifer Aniston, etc. Each of these ladies is unique in her fashion approach, age, and figure.

Also, there are plenty of new red carpet stars to watch this year, and Vogue Magazine is sharing its favorites.

Reflect on Your Likes and Dislikes 

Take a little quiz, and ask yourself some key questions.

  • For example, are you a sporty gal or one who is edgy, glamorous, minimalistic, etc?
  • Do you have a favorite accessory such as the ideal clutch, belt, scarf, etc?
  • Is jewelry a part of your dressed-up look?
  • Do you prefer solid hues or patterns?
  • Is a little bling on a dress your thing?
  • Would you rock a jumpsuit if given the chance?
  • What is your favorite color you enjoy wearing?

By making a list of these important answers, you will be able to buy a beautiful formal dress that accentuates your figure and personality.

Be Confident in Your Choice 

A formal event such as the prom is one of the most special evenings of a young person’s life. You want to look spectacular, know you wear it well and walk into the venue with pride, confidence, and a head-turning outfit.

When you’re looking for school formal dresses and gowns, you have incredible options and can express your personality with the right amazing choices.

A classic halter-style gown with gorgeous draping is flattering to the figure. It’s simple, and chic, and all you need is a pair of statement earrings and your favorite heels to tie the look together.

A one-shoulder gown is another fab formal dress selection for the modern woman. It’s all about a sleek silhouette and a bit of edginess in a thigh-high slit.

You can never go wrong in an off-the-shoulder design featuring a long cape detail on the back. It is sophisticated and a versatile piece.

Or how about a hand-beaded gown with a v-neckline and semi-sheer beaded flutter sleeves? You can dance all night as those exquisite beads dazzle with every twirl you make.

An ivory sequined jumpsuit with wide crepe pants and a pretty bow at the waist makes the formal grade quite nicely in a modern silhouette.

You Doing You

Finding a formal dress that fits your personality doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. The most important thing to remember is to be yourself or as the contemporary expression says, “You do you.”

Go with your personal style, and choose a dress that can help to define your image and one that you would truly enjoy wearing. It’s alright to break the rules and embrace your sense of fashion. Some of the world’s style icons have never followed the group but have developed their own unique fashion vibe and never looked back.

Your style is an evolution and will probably change over the years depending on certain factors in your lifestyle, and that’s a good thing.

So, if it’s a formal dress embellished with stunning sequins, one that is simple and tailored in jersey material with a soft wrap, or a floor-length dress in a vibrant, feminine floral print with hidden pockets on a flared skirt, there is a dress for every occasion and every personality behind it. Don’t hesitate, step out and express yourself!