It’s common in life to search for meaning or to belong to something bigger than one’s self. Often, this desire for understanding and connection can lead individuals down a path to exploring their spirituality. Being spiritual doesn’t require adherence to a formal religion, but it can. Also, your spirituality can take a multitude of forms. For most, it’s a very personal journey.

If you’ve recently found yourself open to the possibilities of connecting to a higher power or even just your higher self, you may want to consider some tools to help you connect to your spirituality. While pursuing a spiritual awakening doesn’t require the use of special equipment, adding certain items can enhance and focus your practice.


When it comes to spiritual tools, pendulums are unique items you may never have considered. A pendulum is a weighted object attached to a chain or string. They’re often made from metal, crystals, or wood. Pendulums are a tool used in a method of divination called dowsing. Working with a pendulum is quite simple. You’ll first want to take a few test spins to determine which direction the pendulum swings for yes, no, or maybe responses. If you’re able to determine a pattern, you can ask questions and obtain answers from your higher self, subconscious, or spirits (depending on your beliefs). It’s also possible to find lost objects and affect energy with a pendulum.

Sacred Smoke

Many religions use sacred smoke in ceremonies and rituals. This spiritual tool can be added to your own personal practice to set a certain mood or to clear a space of negative energy. Incense, resins, and bundles of dried herbs are commonly burnt to create a fragrant smoke to enhance the atmosphere. You may have heard the term “smudging” used in connection with the burning of sacred smoke. Smudging often refers specifically to the burning of white sage bundles by indigenous people in their sacred practices. In addition to sage, popular ingredients of incense and herb bundles include frankincense, sandalwood, rosemary, oud, myrrh, copal, and rose petals, among other botanicals.


Nearly all known religions and spiritual practices incorporate the use of candles or flame in their practice. Their flame can create ambiance. It can also serve as a beacon or focal point. Candles of specific colors are often used to convey symbolism or meaning of some kind. Some individuals or groups may dress their candles with herbs and oils to serve a particular spiritual purpose. Sometimes a scented candle is lit as a form of aromatherapy.

Tarot and Oracle Decks

When you think of Tarot, you may think of the stereotypical fortune teller depicted in movies and on TV. That’s not exactly an accurate picture. Tarot is actually a form of divination going back hundreds of years. It actually began as a card game and evolved over time to be used as divination or metaphysical tool. These days, people seek Tarot readings for a variety of purposes. They may wish to get answers to a question, a view of future possibilities, or insight into a problem. Just as often, people read Tarot for themselves as a form of self-reflection. Pulling one Tarot card every morning can give you a general sense of the day ahead. You can also incorporate tarot spreads of multiple cards to gain additional insight with deeper readings. Don’t worry if you’re just learning, there are plenty of useful Tarot spreads for beginners. A similar divination implement you may want to try out is an oracle deck. These cards don’t usually follow the Tarot system of Major and Minor Arcana. Instead, they incorporate keywords and imagery created by the deck’s author to provide meaning and guidance. Oracle cards may be used on their own or to clarify Tarot readings.


No list of spiritual tools would be complete without crystals and other gemstones. Many believe natural stones contain individual healing properties. Crystals are used to clear energy, enhance concentration, reduce electromagnetic contamination and a variety of other purposes. Display crystals on your altar, put one in your pocket to absorb its energy or wear crystal jewelry.


If any of these spiritual tools are particularly intriguing to you, why not add a few to your routine? Accessories such as these can take your spiritual practice in new directions, broaden your perspective and promote self-discovery.