Whether you work from a home office or go to a different building each day, you spend a lot of time in your office space. Because of that, it’s important that you have a space you look forward to being in. Over time, offices start to feel dated, but you can follow these four simple ideas to give your space a refresh.

Less is More

It’s easy for paper, mail, packages, and many other items to clutter up your workspace. If your space is feeling heavy, start with a good decluttering session. Do you really need all those stacks of paper on your side table? Can you eliminate the chair in the corner that never gets used?

It’s easy not to notice clutter when you are in the space on a daily basis. Snapping a few photos of your space from difference angles helps you look at it with fresh eyes. When you declutter and remove unnecessary items, your office gains both space and functionality.

Change the Color

You have seen what a difference changing the color of your walls makes in your home, and you can also enjoy these positive results in your office space. If your space does not get a lot of natural light, using white and off white tones make it appear brighter and more spacious. If the space is too boring, consider adding an accent wall in a bold color.

If you don’t have time to devote to a painting project, or if you simply want to ensure that it’s done to high standards, contact local painters to get quotes for the job.

Bring Life with Plants

Adding live plants is a great way to bring some life to your office space without spending a fortune. In addition to adding beauty and greenery to your space, plants also help oxygenate the air while you work. For office environments, look for plants that don’t require a high level of care, such as small succulents.

Insert Your Personal Style

Finally, you are going to enjoy being in your office space more when it truly reflects who you are. No, it’s not a good idea to add casual family photos to every inch of your space, but you can add personal touches while still remaining professional.

From adding a landscape portrait on your wall from a recent vacation to including motivational quotes that inspire you, having a space that’s filled with things that are important to you makes it easier to get the job done.

When you revitalize your office, you’ll likely feel like you are refreshed, too! It’s great to have a space to work in that feels fresh and clean.