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When you lose a loved one times can be very difficult. Knowing how to feel and knowing how to express your emotions can be difficult, especially if you are having to be strong for others around you. When it comes to expressing grief and loss, you must be aware that there is not a one size fits all approach. You must do what is right for you, and what is right for those around you. Taking every day at a pace to suit you is what you must now be focusing on.

Talking to Others

Other people are feeling the same way as you currently do. There are also people who want to help by taking and sharing. Talking about the loss you have experienced and sharing what you have been through is critical in this process. When you share by talking, you take a lot of stress and weight off your shoulders. You may wish to share with a grief counselor, or a grief coach or you may wish to talk to family and friends. Talking to others can help you uncover emotions, worries, or thoughts that you may not have even considered before.

Being Patient

Expressing grief and loss can take a long time to surface. It can take weeks or even months to come to the surface. You may wish to make the process of grief and loss a little quicker, and you may wish to have total control over what happens. However, you must realize that this is not possible. You need time to heal, time to grow, and time to reflect, and this is not something that can simply happen overnight. If you are struggling to be patient with your feelings and emotions, then try taking a step back from what you are doing.

Maintaining Their Wishes

When a loss has happened, you must focus on yourself, but you must also ensure that you maintain and fulfil the wishes of the one you have lost. For instance, if a humanist burial and ceremony were what they wanted, then you must provide this. Or, if they wanted to be cremated and have their ashes scattered in their favorite spot, then you can do this. You can visit commemorativecremation.com for scattering urns, and you can give them the goodbye they want. When you focus on maintaining their wishes, you shift your focus and your attention away from yourself, and this can make the process of grief and loss a little more manageable.

Make a Keepsake

One way you may wish to work through your grief and loss is to focus your time and efforts on making a keepsake to remember them by. This could be something such as a photo book, a scrapbook, or even a memory bear that has been made from their old but loved pieces of clothing. A keepsake can help to comfort you through periods of grief and provide you with strength when you need it the most.