There’s nothing like a family reunion to reconnect with loved ones. If you want to make a special, memorable day for all, here are just a few ideas for family reunion fun.


The trick to choosing family reunion games is finding ones that can be enjoyed by all ages. You don’t want the kids or the seniors to be left out. Another option is to offer such a wide assortment of games and activities that there’s a little something for everyone spread across the day. Think about specialized games like “Family Reunion Bingo” as well as traditional, family-friendly games like ring toss, lawn bowling, and relay races. Anything that hinges on teamwork will be a plus.


You’ll want a commemorative photo, of course, while you have everyone together. But you don’t have to stop at a traditional family portrait. You can get creative with family photos where people are dancing, making faces, jumping in the air, or posing with props. If you’re good at wrangling folks, you can also try for a funny group photo where everyone strikes a different pose to tell a story. You can pretend to be running from a zombie uncle or doing a conga line with grandma at the head.

Customized T-Shirts

Fun T-shirts can bring levity to any situation, including family reunions. Certain companies, like Grind Season Creations, know that they’re also quick and easy to make with techniques like screen printing. Think about customizing them with names, dates, family crests, and other interlinked designs that will bond everyone together. You could also create a few amusing T-shirts for a family game like “Most Likely To.” Whoever is voted the winner of each category has to wear the shirt for the rest of the reunion.

Food and Drink

Family reunions often serve food in a buffet style to accommodate many people at once. Rather than doing the traditional potluck, however, try something different and more memorable. You might create a nacho bar or ice cream bar. You might station a few grills on the lawn and let the dads take requests. You can also put new twists on old classics to turn them into portable finger foods: you can serve walking tacos, for example, rather than traditional tacos.

Family reunions can be a magical event, especially when you take the time to prepare games, clothes, activities, and menus in advance. Use these suggestions to throw a wholesome family bash that everyone will be talking about for years to come.