Moving is a big event for most families. Even if you are only moving from one part of Kentucky to another, for example, it can be a huge ordeal. Mistakes made during the moving process can be costly. You may end up losing some of your prized possessions in the process. However, there are strategies you can use to avoid most of the problems people face when moving.

Always Start Early

In regards to moving, starting early is key to avoiding serious issues. Many mistakes are made when you’re in a rush to finish packing everything at the last minute. Instead, start preparing three weeks before the actual moving date. Start working on packing things that will go on the move then. It may seem like too early for some people, but that time will fly by faster than you expect.

Create a Moving Record System

The biggest nightmare that often happens during a move is that important possessions that are either relatively expensive or hard to replace like heirlooms are lost during the process and subsequently never recovered. To avoid this issue, create a record system as both digital files and printed copies. This should catalog every individual item or group of items, say silverware, that will be moved to your new home. Included in every entry should be the box or package they are stored in. Each box or package should of course be numbered or marked the same way they are listed in your records.

Hire the Right Movers

Doing everything yourself in regards to moving is foolhardy. You are likely to damage your valuable possessions in the process. You may even injure yourself or a family member. Instead, find a full service local moving company to actually complete the physical move via truck to your new home. However, don’t choose just any movers. Check customer ratings and reviews to ensure you find a trustworthy company to work with.

Make Sure to Use Packing Materials

Just dumping things inside a large cardboard box is one good way to ensure that most of your possessions end up broken or trashed. Instead, make sure to use packing material like bubble wrap and packing peanuts to help cushion the items you store inside these boxes. Doing so will protect them during their long journey to your new home.

A lot of bad things can happen during a move. Even if you are only moving to another town in the same state, serious errors can happen that you end up regretting. Instead, take more care to ensure you have enough time to properly pack and catalog your possessions for the move. Work with a professional moving company to avoid additional mistakes.