Burning candles on table indoors

Everyone was likely affected by the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Being home so much probably made you look around and take notice of your surroundings, maybe a bit too much. It was a good time to think of ways to spruce up your living space. Some people were thinking about major renovations, while others were looking for affordable DIY projects just to refresh the environment and make it more comfortable. Here are some great and simple DIY projects you can think about for sprucing up your home.

Paint Your Front Door a Fun Color

You have been cooped up for some time and the front door may no longer feel special because it may have been the only door you have walked through in a while. It is time to make that entryway more inviting by giving it a coat of color. Try the warmth of cobalt blue, or go really bold with red or yellow.

Add Some Freshness and Aroma

A healthy environment needs oxygen and a clean smell. Indoor houseplants can really help a space by cleaning the air of odors and pollutants while returning oxygen to the atmosphere. They also add life and color. Non-toxic, homemade candles are a great addition that offers ambiance and soothing fragrances from essential oils. There are candle making supply resources online that have everything you need to make personalized candles for your home.

Get Organized

This is a great time to go through papers, clothing, books, and anything else that you aren’t using any longer. As Marie Kondo says, “If it doesn’t bring you joy…….” Yes, toss or donate it. Once that is accomplished, invest in some really inexpensive baskets, containers, and attractive cardboard boxes with lids. Place similar items in each and label the containers. These can be stacked in closets under shoes or on open shelves if they are attractive. Being organized can be remarkably freeing.

Frame Good Memories

Do you have wall space that is empty? If so, sort through photographs and mementos for items you can frame and hang up to remind you of good times and the things that bring you happiness. Online print shops can blow up your photos or make a collage of memories to cheer up any room.

Clean your Windows

This might sound silly, but many of us neglect the upkeep of our windows. You would be amazed at how nurturing home can feel when the glass of your windows has been cleaned, inside and out. Clean glass will bring in more daylight and offer you more vibrant views. This is an easy way to greatly improve one’s mood.

It really doesn’t take much to improve the quality of your home to make it a more enjoyable and nurturing environment for you, your family, and your guests. You can have a happy, healthy, and welcoming home with minimal effort, expense, and maybe some help from online retailers and service providers.