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Having a minimal home doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look or feel homely.

Whether your aim is to make your house more spacious or create a happier and healthier home, here are all of the tips that you need to make your house as minimal (yet still homely) as possible.


The first step you will want to take to make your home more minimal and easy to live in is to declutter. Most people will accumulate and hoard stuff over the years. We buy more stuff and try to find more space to squeeze it into. To make your home free freer and more relaxing, getting rid of stuff will do the trick. 

First, start small with one room or one drawer. The slower and more patient you are with the task, the less overwhelming it will feel. Then, tackle each room at a time. You will also notice how much extra stuff you dispose of when you take each room at a time. 

Should you want to declutter, then it is a good idea to stay organized when doing so. Otherwise, the house could end up in a complete mess and you could make it look and feel worse as a result. Using Breeding Roll Off services can provide you with dumpsters so that you can dispose of your goods in a safe and accessible place when decluttering. 

Discard duplicates

A hot tip to consider when decluttering your home is to discard any duplicates. It is quite common for people to have multiple things one item. Although they can occasionally come in handy, these duplicates will simply be taking up unnecessary space. 

Therefore, assess what you have and what you need, and get rid of the duplicates that you rarely or never use.

Get rid of stacks of paper

There is nothing more space-consuming than stacks of paper. From letters and bills to work documents, most homes will often have unnecessary stacks of paper lying all around the house. 

Getting rid of these can be as simple as copying them and scanning them so that you can store them on your computer. You don’t have to get rid of them. Instead, you can store them digitally and free up space in the home. 

The space that the paperwork was taking up could be used in other (more purposeful) ways that make the house feel more homely. For instance, the paperwork might have consumed the entire kitchen counter. Getting rid of the paperwork can allow you to replace it with a coffee and tea station or an area for you to prepare your meals. 

Consider external storage

When you want to keep stuff in the house but want to free up space, it can be quite the predicament. The best solution for this is to store your goods in external storage. This could either be in a garage or a garden shed. Or, you could invest in external storage units whereby the goods will be stored away from the home but still easy to access. 

This can be handy for those homeowners who have lots of stuff that they will likely never use (family heirlooms and old memorable clothes) yet want to keep it. You can enjoy more space in the home and not have to get rid of your much-loved items. You will have more space and still be able to hang on to those memories. 

Use rugs on hard flooring

The most minimal and modern homes are often those with hard flooring. Carpets can sometimes make a room look smaller or fuller. Hence, having hard floors can allow you to achieve that minimal look. 

However, hard floors are typically those that feel like homely as they can get cold. Hence, adding rugs to them can make them feel softer and warmer, while not filling the entire space with soft materials.

Add extra soft furnishings

On the topic of rugs, we may as well discuss those extra soft furnishings that can enhance the homely feel of the house. Cushions and throws can add dimension and warmth while not they do not take up too much space. 

Adding these to the living room and bedroom can make them look and feel more inviting while not making them feel cluttered. 

An extra tip to make the home look minimal yet homely when adding soft furnishings is to choose pieces that match the color scheme. If you choose something contrasting, then they could make the room feel cluttered. 

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Hang photos on the wall

If you are someone that has pictures sat on shelves around the home, then you might be taking up way too much space that you can free up. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of them. Instead, you can display them in a more minimal manner by hanging them from the walls. 

You can make your home feel more minimal yet homely by freeing up counter space and instead, finding other places to put stuff that doesn’t take up unnecessary space. 

Simplify one room at a time

To achieve a more minimal aesthetic at home, you might not need to change every room. Your office and bathroom might already be as minimal as possible. 

Therefore, try not to overwhelm the task. Instead, assess and simplify one room at a time. Doing so will ensure that you maximize the results and don’t strip away too much. If you try to tackle the entire house at once, you might find that you take too much away and end up with a minimal home that no longer feels homely. 

Clean your home on a regular basis

Should your home often feel cluttered or messy, then it could be because you aren’t clearing and cleaning up often enough. The more you clean, the more spacious and fresh it will feel. 

If you lack a cleaning routine, then you might want to consider introducing one. Being consistent with your cleaning will ensure to make your home feel as fresh and livable as possible.