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Your home is most certainly the costliest investment of your life and a secure haven that offers a focus for daily activity, relaxation, and building memories. It doesn’t stay in fantastic form without some work, but with a bit of loving care and a planned maintenance routine, you can handle the upkeep without extra stress.

1. Regular Cleaning

When your calendar is jam-packed with activities to do, it may be difficult to remember to squeeze in cleaning your home. But preparing ahead and developing a routine helps take the unpredictability out of it.

Spreading cleaning out across the week may make it more bearable and divide a seemingly enormous activity into digestible parts. Plus, if you establish a pattern, you’ll get into a groove and move more rapidly through each activity.

Regular cleaning also implies you’ll have much less to do every time. The smaller the clutter, the faster your work will be – rather than spending hours deep-cleaning the bathroom, you can perform a quick touch-up. 

2. Prevent fires, Carbon Monoxide Leaks, and Maintain Air Quality

Have a fondness for your wood-burning stove? Creosote, a residue left behind by smoke, may cause chimney fires or carbon monoxide leaks if not cleaned regularly. The National Fire Protection Association suggests a yearly chimney check.

You should also consider getting your furnace cleaned after 1-2 years, and your ducts cleaned every 3 to 5 years to ensure that your system is working smoothly and that your indoor air quality is at its best. You can look up furnace cleaning in Calgary or anywhere specific to your locale to find reputable HVAC technicians. 

If you have an older furnace, a big family, pet dander, respiratory difficulties, or observe any symptoms that your furnace isn’t functioning up to par, you may need to conduct these critical tasks more often. Your home’s air quality will improve as a result of these efforts.

3. Clean the Bathroom’s Exhaust Vents Twice a Year

Bathroom exhaust fans alleviate smells and get rid of moisture that might otherwise settle on surfaces and develop into mold; nevertheless, a fan can’t work correctly if its cover is unclean. The answer is simple: Give the bathroom vent cover a thorough washing with soapy water twice a year to keep the exhaust fans functioning effectively.

4. Flush Your Water Heater for Improved Performance

The home’s water system can only work well and last longer if you clean the tank each year to eliminate sediment since magnesium and calcium may build up over time and may lower a water heater’s performance. This should be applicable for both gas and electric systems.

5. Gutter Cleaning

Keeping the gutters, soffits, or fascia free of debris is as simple as cleaning them out regularly. Don’t forget to check for leaks or rotting that could cause costly damage.

Any filth and debris should be thoroughly cleaned and cleared; all missing caulk fixed; and all holes, fissures, or loose places fixed once the debris has been removed carefully. Hire a pro if climbing ladders give you the chills, or plan to do it twice a year in the spring and autumn.

6. Routine Maintenance on Your Home’s Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating and air conditioning systems should be serviced at least twice each year, ideally by a qualified HVAC technician, concentrating on cooling during spring and heating during autumn. Filters should be changed at least once a month, more often if you have pets. Remain calm if you see condensation forming on your AC unit. The condensate drain should be flushed with hot, soapy water and vinegar. Call a certified expert if condensation keeps developing on the unit, if you detect drips, or if the AC isn’t cooling.

7. Draining the Hot Water Tank in Your Home’s Heating System

Many people do not know how to partly empty their hot water heaters. Water heaters commonly fail due to mineral build-up in the tank, which forces the tank to work much harder, causing water damage. Keeping the water heater in good working order may save you a lot of money: To remove sediment from your tank, you should do a bottom drain and refill at least once a year.


You’ll know if you’ve neglected your house when it’s time for an inspection. Stained timber and leaky roofs point to serious structural issues. To keep your home in good condition, like a well-oiled machine, a homeowner should take the necessary measures and steps.