A beautiful lawn and garden are a joy to a homeowner. It’s a bit of work to keep them healthy,
but the sight of lush, green grass and masses of colorful blooms is worth it in the end. Here are
some tips to keep your lawn and garden looking their best:

Water Deeply

Though some lawn and garden experts suggest that a lawn be watered every day, others claim
that it’s more important to water the lawn and garden deeply as opposed to frequently. Deep
watering forces the roots to reach down into the soil, which makes the plants healthier and
protects them against periods of drought or other types of stress. The most efficient way to
water is with an irrigation system. You can find out how moist your soil is through a soil auger,
though a lot of gardeners just poke their finger into the soil to check.

Use a Turf Aerator

Aeration, getting oxygen and air into the soil, is important to its health. It’s especially important if
you have a lawn that’s used for recreation, running and walking on. Some companies, like
Sweep-All, know that these activities that take place on the lawn can compact the grass. Turf
aerators are machines that have spikes that punch holes into the lawn to allow nutrients to
enter. They can be inexpensive handheld models, or they can resemble riding mowers and cost
thousands of dollars. Some people even use a simple garden fork as a turf aerator. The type of
turf aerator you buy depends on the size of your property and your type of soil.

Check for Diseases and Pests

Checking for diseases and pests is crucial, for they can sneak up on you and cause havoc.
Make sure to prune any diseased or infected branches or limbs on plants and notice any odd
areas on the lawn that look burnt or wilted. If a plant was fully leafed out one day and denuded
the next morning, suspect caterpillars or other creatures, and remove them. Encourage bug-
eating creatures such as birds and beneficial bugs such as ladybird beetles to live on your
property. If there’s a sign of disease, take care of it right away.

These are but a few of the maintenance tasks that go a long way in helping your lawn and
flowers stay healthy. Another thing to do is to make sure that the grasses and flowers you plant
are suited to your climate and your soil in the first place. Plants that like where they are do not
need as much maintenance as tropical plants in cold climates or cold climate plants in Southern