Portrait of happy young family at home

It’s hard enough to find your next home. Finding the one that’s just right for your needs takes some more work. Rather than simply finding the right location or a good bargain, you need to know your specific needs and then find a home that can suit them. That’s either going to be a home that’s already turn-key-ready to meet your needs or at least has the potential to do so with the right projects.


Whatever home you try to buy, it not only needs to meet your budget but should also fall under your overall budget. You might need wiggle room to be prepared for a bidding war against other buyers, and you might need to keep some money for home improvements if you wind up with a project house. It’s good to write a top-10 list of the needs you have from your new home and then find one that matches as many as possible while staying under your designated budget cap that you have established early on.


BHHS Towne Realty can help you look at properties across the Tidewater area of Southeast Virginia. If you live somewhere else, have a local property agent help you find the right neighborhood based on things like commute times, schooling, noise, traffic, and distance from friends and family.


The overall square footage of a home is crucial to meeting everyone’s needs. Every member of your family should have a certain amount of square footage in order to be healthy, and that applies to your pets, too. Having said that, usable outdoor space can alleviate the pressure of being cramped indoors.


The actual floorplan inside a home is crucial to making sure it meets your needs. A multi-story home might not be a great idea if anyone in your family has trouble with stairs, but it can work wonders if different generations might need their own social spaces. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms matters greatly, but be sure the living and social spaces also give you what you need.

It can take a lot of work and time to find the right home for your needs. However, once you do it, you’ll have set yourself up well for some time into the future. Hopefully, your next home serves you well for many years. With the right home improvements, you can make sure it keeps up with your ongoing needs.