The unboxing experience is something that has risen as a concept as ecommerce has grown. When customers have their orders delivered to them, instead of buying from a store, how everything looks when it arrives is even more important. You can’t give them an in-store experience, but you can give them a good unboxing experience for a memorable first impression. It’s your chance to get off to a good start when someone first becomes a customer and to hold their attention if they continue to buy from you. You can give your customers a good unboxing experience by doing the following things.

Use Branded Packaging

The first step to creating a good unboxing experience is to use branded packaging. You could just use plain boxes when sending out orders, but it won’t help your products to stand out. Using branded packaging is easy with a service like U Can Pack. You can choose the type of packaging that you want and print your own designs for a custom look. As soon as your packages arrive and your customers receive them, they will immediately see what it is and start anticipating being able to open it. You can make your packaging unique and recognizable.

Consider Materials Carefully

When you’re choosing packaging materials, you should think carefully about what you use and why. Branding the materials that you use inside your packaging will help to tie everything together and stand out further. However, you should also think about more than what it looks like. You might need to consider how to protect your products so they don’t shift around in transit or how to keep your packaging as eco-friendly as possible. Recyclable materials will help to give your brand the right image and allow customers to feel like they’re doing the right thing too.

Image from Pixabay – CC0 License

Present Your Products

Think about how you present your products within the box. When your customer first opens it up, you want to ensure they have a good first impression. Your products could just be rolling around inside a box that’s too big, or they could be neatly laid out and clearly show what’s inside. You should think carefully about the size of your products and the size of the boxes that you use. Choosing the right size boxes and laying out your products efficiently will show that you avoid being wasteful and put thought into how your products are boxed.

Add Some Special Touches

Consider adding some little touches to your packaging to make the unboxing experience a bit more fun. It could be that you include a little extra treat with each order. Or maybe your packaging can be used for another purpose. You could include a free sample, which enhances your customer’s order and encourages them to shop with you again. Or each order could include a discount code for their next purchase, which serves the same purpose.

An enjoyable unboxing experience could increase customer satisfaction. Create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers to encourage them to come back.