Though sometimes considered to be a lost art, you’ll be happy to know that sewing is making quite a comeback with many people in today’s modern world. A great way to create your own clothing, it can also be quite a money saver when you start looking at the prices of clothing in stores. Yet whether you are sewing new clothes for your family or just want to do some beautiful craft projects, buying some of your supplies in bulk will be a good idea. If you’re ready to start sewing on your own, here are four things you’ll use quite often that should always be purchased in bulk.


When you start looking at all types of clothes, it won’t take you long to discover that almost everything contains buttons. Therefore, these should be some of the first items you buy in bulk. When doing so, remember to buy buttons in all sizes, shapes, and colors, since you never know which buttons will look best on your next sewing project.

Decorative Ribbon

After you get your buttons, also make sure you buy lots and lots of decorative ribbons and decorative silk. Not only can these supplies be used on clothing, but also on numerous craft projects and practical things such as blankets or quilts. Just as it was with your buttons, be prepared to buy ribbon and silk in all types of colors.


From pants and dresses to everything in between, zippers are an essential part of your sewing supply inventory. While some people may think all zippers are alike, you know better. In fact, once you start shopping around for zippers to buy in bulk, you will find they come in all types of colors and sizes. Remember, you’re bound to have a project that requires only a very small zipper, as well as some sewing projects that need larger zippers, so keep this in mind when buying your supplies.

Machine Needles

Finally, always remember that you can never have too many sewing machine needles. If there is one thing you don’t want happening, it is to get in the middle of a sewing project, only to find out you have run out of needles. Since different types of needles will be used for specific applications, always make it a top priority to buy a large number of assorted needles for your machine.

Once you assemble your vast inventory of sewing supplies, you will be ready to create clothing, quilts, and anything else you can imagine.