Your bedroom is one place that’s supposed to be a sanctuary: it should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Over time, many bedrooms lose their edge and are indistinguishable from other rooms. Since humans spend over a third of their lives sleeping, it’s vital to get it to standards that make it peaceful and inviting. Here’re five ways you can upgrade it:

Get Rid of the Clutter

You must give your bedroom some sense of personalization. However, ensure not to overdo it as it only results in a cluttered and disorganized look. Remove all items you don’t need and place them in another room. Pick a statement yet an impactful image and hang it on one of the walls. Besides, pick one accessory for the desk and the bedside table.

Add Green Color

Consider adding a plant to your bedroom to upgrade it. This venture is inexpensive and will draw attention to a specific focus area. However, consider the size of the room when picking the plant to ensure it doesn’t consume too much space. Pick a pot that will complement and complete the room according to the color of other items.

Get a New Mattress

It’s important to change your mattress every 6-8 years. However, you can do this earlier when the mattress starts sagging, if it makes lots of noise, has a distinct odor, or generally becomes uncomfortable. When picking a mattress, consider looking at a place like Beautyrest Mattresses to ensure sufficient support for your whole body and to ensure your spine is in a neutral position.

Lighting Fixtures

Your bedroom needs dim lighting for better rest and sleep. Combine two types of light, one bright and the other considerably dimmer, to satisfy your bedroom’s lighting needs. Upgrading the light fixtures themselves is important. Chandeliers, pendants, and other stylish hangings make a room appear inviting and expensive.

Correct Beddings

When picking beddings, choose the ones that match your bedroom’s overall theme. Pick a blanket primarily made of wool to keep warm with silky tops like velvet to make the fabric feel divine on the skin. Stick to one or two colored blankets to avoid a color crash in the room.

It’s vital to detail all essentials to avoid overspending in one area. Don’t forget that the overall color of your bedroom depends on the amount of natural lighting that comes into the room, as the darker the room, the brighter the pieces.