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IBISWorld data reveals that there are 439,740 law firms in America as of 2022. If you own one of these firms, you will undoubtedly agree they are busy hives of activity. Indeed, there is a lot involved in an attorney’s work, but not all of it has to be necessarily performed by the lawyer. Consequently, it is prudent for all law firms to outsource specific aspects of their operations to save time and money, reduce the workload, allow employees to focus on core work, and enhance the quality of service. Below are four key areas your law firm should consider outsourcing.

  1. Administrative tasks

Many experts agree that daily, mundane administrative tasks are among the first things you should outsource to enjoy law firm success. Imagine all the time your attorneys could save if they weren’t responsible for tasks like answering phone calls, recording time entries, scheduling, and invoices. Therefore, hire a secretary or administrative assistant to handle these tasks to conserve time, energy, and money.

  1. Talent acquisition

There is no denying that hiring great legal professionals is challenging, particularly for small and mid-sized legal firms. Your firm’s location can make the process even more difficult. If you are a small firm, you will also find it difficult to compete with larger firms with hiring managers and on-staff recruiters in charge of advertising to and acquiring legal talent. Fortunately, trusted legal search firms like Wegman Partners level the playing field. These search firms handle the entire process of searching for suitable partners based on your ideal profile. This way, you will receive candidates that are ideal for your firm without spending too much time and effort on recruitment.

  1. Marketing

Marketing your law firm used to be simple; you could erect billboards, advertise in local newspapers, film commercials, and wait for new clients to come trooping in. However, the marketing world has evolved over the years, and these old tactics are ineffective. Social media, email marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) are the new players in the marketing game that can get your law firm before the right audience in this increasingly digital world. Therefore, hiring a marketing expert to promote your brand on your behalf to remain competitive is best. This expert will be in charge of SEO, creating and managing an effective website, handling your social media accounts, overseeing email marketing campaigns, and many more. As such, you can focus on your core business while leaving the marketing aspects to the experts.

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  1. Information technology (IT)

Many modern legal professionals have experienced the frustration of waiting for their building’s IT guy to resolve a simple issue like poor WiFi or a malfunctioning printer for two to three hours. One hour of downtime is damaging enough in this digital age where information is shared at the click of a button, so it makes sense to outsource your IT needs to an expert to remain fast and efficient. Furthermore, IT support has evolved beyond mere printer or WiFi troubleshooting. A 2020 American Bar Association report revealed that 29% and 36% of law firms reported security breaches and past malware infections, respectively. Consequently, an IT professional’s assistance is invaluable in keeping your business safe from today’s cyber threats.