Whether you have an occasional busy day or your week is just a wall-to-wall sequence of them, you need to have enough energy. A lot of that depends on how you jumpstart yourself in the morning. Knowing how to boost your energy on busy days helps you power through to the end. Let’s talk about a few ways to jumpstart your mornings.

Balance Your Breakfast

Breakfast is named what it is because you are actually breaking the fast you were in while you slept all night. By that point, your body is likely craving all three macronutrients, so be sure to fill all its needs. A good breakfast has protein, fat, and carbs for balanced nutrition. The more protein and fat in your breakfast, the longer you will be sustained by it.


Exercise will definitely get your body warmed up and your blood flowing. However, the trick is finding the right amount of energy. For some, brisk walking that just breaks a sweat is enough to get their metabolism going for the day. Others might need a more grueling workout to hit the afterburn that keeps their energy higher all day. Try exercising before and after breakfast on different days to see which one your body responds to better.

Get Some Caffeine

Make time in your morning routine to get some caffeine. Swing by your local Gravity Coffee Company for a cup of joe. Why not get black coffee for the jolt in your bloodstream? Or maybe something with a taste that helps your senses wake up. Get a cup of something that invigorates your body to move into the higher gear you need to be in.

Calm Thyself

Some days, you might actually have enough energy for the day, but it’s just being sapped by stress and anxiety. Relax your body and mind so they can more clearly release the stored-up energy you will need. Meditation is a great way to do this, but it’s also challenging for many who aren’t accustomed to it. Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi can also be very effective.

Some days are busier than others, but you might also know when they’re coming on your calendar in advance. Try these different techniques out to boost your energy on busy days, and you’ll know which ones work for you and which ones don’t. From there, you can incorporate the winners into your normal routine so they serve you well through many busy days ahead.