When you look for a home to raise a family, you probably look for certain things that help with raising kids. Being in the right school district is a huge concern to many parents. Also, being close to family who can help raise the children matters frequently, too. Having enough bedrooms and possibly even outdoor spaces for play can also factor into your decision. However, how much thought do you put into having access to clean water?


Kids have to learn a lot about their bodies. Thirst can be a hard concept to teach, but having access to clean water means you can help them replace lost fluids whenever necessary. Growing bodies need to stay hydrated in order to grow properly. Hydration can also help them avoid some of the cramps that come with rapidly growing bodies.

No Calories

Whether you rely on water well pumps or a municipal water supply, the water coming through your pipes won’t have any calories. This is very different from the sodas and fruit juices your kids might otherwise have or crave. Even if certain fruit juices have some nutritional value, they also have lots of sugar and calories. Obesity is hitting so many adults now, and it’s starting in childhood for many.


Kids often need help keeping clean. For the first few years, they may need help taking a bath. They’re entirely reliant on you to provide them with clean water that actually gets them clean without getting them sick. Kids might accidentally get bathwater in their eyes or even swallow some of it, so keep it as pure as you can and free of microbiological agents.


Being able to bathe in clean water is obviously useful, but you also need it to launder things. The clothes kids wear can get quite dirty. That’s partly from their play, and it also has a lot to do with the fact that they just don’t know any better yet. Clean garments are less likely to get them sick or exacerbate any conditions they are already developing. Just think about how many hours they spend each week in their bedsheets or pajamas alone.

Even if you’re not entirely comfortable with the quality of the water your home has access to, you can add filters to nearly any faucet to treat the water you use for all these things. Not only will your children enjoy the health benefits, but you will as well.