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The word “expensive” conjures up images of high-quality caviar, lobster, and truffles for many people. However, not all protein sources are created equal. Seafood is an affordable protein option, making it one of the most affordable ways to get more protein in your life. Most seafood is cheaper than other forms of protein, especially when you consider that it’s high in protein and other healthy nutrients. Here’s why you should start buying seafood instead of other protein sources.

Seafood Is Cheaper Than Other Protein Sources

When it comes to protein, there are a few different types that you’ll likely want to consider when deciding which one to buy. Some people will only want to buy meat because of the saturated fat. However, some people are hackers and prefer to buy salmon instead of a steak. For those people, seafood makes the perfect replacement. Both salmon and trout are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins, making them a healthier choice than beef or pork steak. Both salmon and trout are very cheap compared to other protein options. You can check wholesale seafood online sellers for great seafood prices.

It’s High In Protein

When talking about protein, many people automatically think about protein powders and bars. While these are great to help you meet your daily protein needs, protein from food is more nutritious than protein powder. Food protein contains all essential amino acids that our body cannot make. Food protein is also cheaper than protein powder.

It’s Also a Great Source Of Minerals

One of the more expensive things about protein is that it can be very hard to source. That is unless you get your protein from fish. Many people assume that because salmon and tuna are the top two fish species, all other fish are expensive. This is not the case, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It lists some of the other most valuable minerals found in fish and other aquatic life: iron, zinc, manganese, selenium, and more.

It’s Low In Saturated Fat

One thing that makes fish a healthy choice for protein is its low-fat source. Many people think that because fish is such a good source of protein, it must be filled with saturated fat. However, according to the American Heart Association (AHA), this is not the case. The AHA recommends consuming no more than moderate amounts of animal-based proteins like red meat, pork, lamb, poultry, dairy products, and fish. These types of proteins are generally saturated with fat. To reach the same amount of protein from other types of meat as with fish, you would have to eat three times as many pounds of meat as you do from fish.

It’s Low In Sodium

Although salt is indeed a flavor enhancer, it also has therapeutic values. That is, it’s used to help with things like pain and inflammation. Many people have the misconception that salt is bad for them. This is not the case, as salt is a necessary evil, and anyone who doesn’t consume enough of it can develop high blood pressure. The average adult should consume one gram of sodium per day. However, a single serving of most fish contains between 80 to 120 calories. This means that you won’t feel full after just one serving. The recommended amount is 2-3 servings per week.

It’s Also Low In Calories and Rich In Protein

One thing that makes shrimp and salmon such good options for protein is their high protein content. These types of fish are known for having high biological value, which is a measure of how much protein they contain. A biological value of 80 or higher is considered optimal and is a great indicator of how healthy these types of fish are for you. Although you shouldn’t count your chickens before they’re hatched, these are the types of fish you want to eat if you’re trying to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.

It Has a Low Risk Of Damaging Your Liver

It’s easy to get put off by the idea of eating fish because you’re afraid it might damage your liver. However, the damage caused by overconsumption of certain proteins like red meat is well documented and has been avoided by people for years. The reason is that these types of proteins are obtained through an animal-based diet and contain large amounts of saturated fat. Instead of harming your liver, you want to consume foods like salmon and trout that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Protein comes with a high price tag, but seafood is a great way to get more protein in your life. When you consider how much cheaper seafood is than other forms of protein, it’s easy to see why it is one of the most affordable ways to get more protein in your life.