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If you are looking to advertise your business, video is the most powerful content media out there. Video content accounts for 82% of all consumer internet traffic and can generate more shares in comparison to text or images. This is why it’s so crucial to have video as part of your content marketing strategy. But how can you get more likes on your video content? 

Provide Clarity on What the Video Is About

If you want to get more views, you need to provide a lot of information so people can decide whether they want to watch it or not. Any corporate video production company can give you an amazing piece of content, but if you are not giving enough information up front so people can decide if they want to watch it or not, don’t be surprised that they will click away if it’s not for them. To fix this issue, you need to have an informative and accurate synopsis by highlighting a couple of benefits they will get after the video. 

For example, if it’s a narrative video, you can always show the main plot points. But you can also transcribe your videos. This will be beneficial if you are trying to promote a video with lots of facts because this gives the viewers the content in an easy-to-skim format. Additionally, it can help search engines to crawl the video content. 

Have an SEO Video Strategy

YouTube is the second largest search engine, and people use YouTube to find specific videos as they would on Google. Therefore, you’ve got to have an SEO strategy to make your videos easier to find. These would include: 

  • A short and informative title. 
  • Keeping it under 60 characters, which makes sure it shows up on YouTube. 
  • Plan for keywords by using a keyword suggestion tool or even the keyword tool on YouTube. Adding keywords to the video description, as well as a link to the website, ensuring it stays under 70 characters. 
  • Create eye-catching thumbnails that are colorful and engaging. 
  • Focus on link building. 
  • Reach out to other blogs. 
  • Use tags with different keyword variations.

SEO can be a minefield, but in terms of your video content strategy, you cannot overlook it purely because it is video rather than text! 

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Optimize for Conversions

Like the end of any article has a “call to action,” you can do exactly the same thing with any video. You can watch almost any YouTube video and there is the request to “like and subscribe.” A clear call to action is going to ensure that people will choose to engage with you later on. You can either add a link at the end of the video that goes towards a landing page, add share buttons, or have a direct message from the speaker. Additionally, you could also try the following:

  • Being creative with the content– you could make more interactive videos and show how the video can help users. Being creative and trying different things is pivotal to getting conversions. We can easily get stuck in one mindset, thinking that we’ve got to choose the same tried and tested approach. Be creative because this is what will appeal! 
  • Offer incentives, as this will make people more inclined to watch. A giveaway link to a free course or discounts is all essential to getting people to stay with you. 
  • Find the best publishing time. The more views you get, the more YouTube is going to recognize the significance of your video content. Analyzing the best time to share the video is crucial, but you need to also look at how to get the most views within 48 hours. 
  • Provide more options. Some people like to email, others like to make phone calls. When you provide more options for your customers to choose from, this can help make the content more engaging. 

Analyze the Performance

Finally, you’ve got to be analytical. This is something that is constantly spoken about in terms of marketing, but when we’re talking about videos, any small business could use Google Analytics or YouTube Analytics to keep track of its performance. You need to get insight into the number of views, your popular videos, but also where your traffic comes from and how long they watch for. When you start to get these numbers, you can slowly cater your content to meet these needs. 

Video is such an essential part of a marketing strategy, but only if you use it right. Try some of these and remember that it takes time to create amazing high performing videos, which is why planning is just as important as your creativity.

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