It’s that time of year again when eCommerce businesses start to sharpen their sales strategies and double their efforts to grow their business. And yes, we’re talking about the scorching-hot days of summer when most people are out of the house and away from their desks, which makes online shopping as convenient as ever.

For eCommerce sellers, this is the most challenging time of the year. You’re not only going against the natural trends of the season, but you have to balance the needs of your customers and your own business to make sure you have the right strategies and tactics in place. If you’re looking to expand your business this summer and hit new sales goals, read our list of the best ways to increase your eCommerce sales.

1. Launch New Summer Products

The summer season makes us want to travel and spend our disposable income on experiences. For this reason, summer products are a great way to capitalize on the season’s trends.

Launching a new product allows your customers to purchase something they’ve been craving. Additionally, you will be giving them something they can use throughout their trip or vacation. For example, if you’re selling outdoor wear, you could have a new line of swimwear that you’re featuring in your summer collection.

2. Use Social Media

As many of us know, social media is one of the best ways to reach out to customers and keep them engaged. With this in mind, you must have a good strategy for what types of posts will work best when it comes time to promote your products during the summer months. Finding a digital marketing expert will help you develop the best strategy for promoting your products on social media. For example, you could post photos of your summer vacation or beach days on Instagram.

3. Start a Summer Giveaway

With summer almost here, it’s time to start thinking about your giveaways and promotions. For example, you could have sweepstakes where customers can win free items they would love to take on their summer trip. To make sure your giveaway is successful, make sure that you include different ways for people to enter and keep things interesting.

4. Use Promotional Discounts

Summer is the perfect time to offer discounts on your products and other promotional offers, such as free shipping or money-back guarantees for returns during the season. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity for you to promote your brand in different ways, such as by offering coupons for online purchases or printable coupons sent via mailers to customers who purchase merchandise during the warmer months of the year.

5. Train Your Staff

Summertime sales are more about customer attention than new product launches and strategies. Your biggest asset is your staff to boost your sales during the summer.

During the spring and summer months, your typical customers won’t spend as much time on their desks as they enjoy the great outdoors with their family and friends. They’ll be on vacation, which means they’ll have less time to spend on their online shopping habits.

Summer customers will have a tough time finding time to shop online, so you have to find a way to keep them engaged and motivated while browsing your website.

6. Create Ecommerce Events

What if we told you that you could double your sales by hosting an epic eCommerce event? Think again before dismissing this idea because you think hosting an event is a big hassle.

Here’s what to do. You host the event, your customers attend the event, and they share their experience with their friends on social media. You then follow up with emails that invite your customers to take advantage of any free shipping or other promotional offers you’ve got going on.

You might think this sounds like a lot of work, but here’s the thing. Summer is the slowest season for shopping, so events are more likely to lead to sales than during other times of the year. And you can use these events to boost sales goals, so hosting an event can double as a sales strategy.

7. Go International

Finally, one of the best ways to boost your eCommerce sales is to go international during the summer. If you’re looking for a seasonal sales boost, you may want to consider expanding your customer base. You might want to consider doing it now while the demand for your products is high during the summer months.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on international marketing strategies. It could mean that you add international shipping to your product listings, you add relevant international language to your product descriptions, or you add links to your global store on your eCommerce site.


These are all low-cost ways to boost your sales by offering your products to international customers. You don’t have to spend much money on global marketing strategies, but you should consider increasing your sales by expanding your customer base.

Generally, having a solid eCommerce presence during the summer months can help boost your sales over the next few months. The key to increasing your eCommerce sales during the summer is to have a solid online presence and be ready for peak demand in the next few months.