A leaky bladder isn’t just an embarrassing problem; there could be an underlying medical issue that’s causing your incontinence. Certain causes of a leaky bladder aren’t major health concerns and can often be resolved with simple treatments, but other causes could be more serious.

Extra Bodyweight

Being overweight or pregnant can put more stress on the bladder and supporting muscles, which could result in a leaky bladder. If you’re pregnant, the problem may resolve itself after you’ve given birth. Losing any excess bodyweight can alleviate pressure on the bladder region and may reduce or entirely eliminate your leaky bladder issue. If you’re having trouble losing weight, your doctor can recommend solutions that will help you shed the pounds and stop your bladder leakage.


If you’re a woman who has given birth, you may notice that your bladder leaks when you engage in certain physical activities or when you cough or sneeze. You might also have a frequent urge to go to the bathroom. The problems with controlling your bladder may be resolved by strengthening the muscles in the region with pelvic floor exercises. A fistula, or bladder connection problem, may have also developed because of childbirth, which will require further medical evaluation and possibly a minimally invasive surgery to resolve.

Urinary Tract Blockage

If there’s a blockage anywhere along your urinary tract, you could experience uncontrollable leakage or a frequent urgency to use the bathroom. Men with enlarged prostates or prostate tumors that are blocking certain parts of the urinary tract often have problems controlling their bladder functions. Other tumors and kidney stones could also play contributing roles in urinary incontinence. A urinary blockage may also be caused by a polyp, a blood clot, or surgery in the region that was performed incorrectly.

Nerve Problems

An injury or a medical condition may damage certain nerves that are responsible for controlling bladder function. A leaky bladder is a common problem for people who’ve suffered nerve damage from diabetes. Other medical conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis (MS), are also known to cause bladder leakage among some people. The problem may additionally be related to a congenital defect that affects nerve functioning.

If a leaky bladder is impacting your life, the proper medical care may stop this problem and allow you to live life again with greater confidence. A doctor who specializes in this area of medicine can evaluate your condition and recommend the treatment that’s intended to give you the best results.