Before the groom takes the plunge and ties the knot, the crew gets to have an unforgettable night celebrating this upcoming occasion. The best man usually has the responsibility – and honor – of organizing this joyous event, as per tradition. In order for the stag do to be a party to remember, there’s plenty of planning involved, and picking a bachelor party theme is an important part of it. Check out five versatile themes you can adjust to your needs.

Travel theme

Definitely one of the most interesting ways to commemorate the beginning of groom’s new life is a weekend getaway. Whether it’s a mountain hike, a cruise ride or a wine-tasting trip, you’ll have a great time as long as all the guys are on board. 

But, if a trip is off the table, a travel-inspired theme is still possible. For example, if you can’t make it to Paris, simply bring the Paris spirit straight to the party! French cuisine, an Eiffel Tower backdrop, and it’s like you’re already halfway there! 

At the mention of cuisines, why not take a culinary journey by mixing up some fun recipes from different countries? Another example would be to try a selection of world’s craft beers – bachelor party themes really can be anything you wish, as long as you let your creativity run wild!

Sports-themed party

If the groom is a sport enthusiast, then you might want to pair the trip along with a sporting event. Eagles’ fans can hop on to the Lincoln Financial field in Philly, for example, or opt for a Cubs game in Chicago if you’re in Illinois. Of course, the sporting event itself isn’t the same as actual celebration itself – it can serve as a warm-up activity before hitting the pubs.

Keep in mind that a sports-theme party can be organized at home as well. For a low-key hangout, you might as well catch a game of your preferred sport on TV, or even watch an interesting sports documentary. It goes without saying that décor is an important part of any party, and a stag do is no exception. Make custom jerseys, order fun party backdrops and create sports-themed party favors. 

To go a step further and be even more creative – why not organize a tournament party, if the weather allows it? Whether it’s a one-on-one basketball game or a visit to a golf course, as long as all the guys are in, you’ll surely enjoy it tremendously!

Las Vegas night

The most popular destination when it comes to movie adaptations of stag do’s is definitely The Sin City. Trying out your luck in a casino, visiting an adult show and hitting the clubs – this city has it all. High stakes fun is guaranteed, but bear in mind that you risk breaking the buck, as it’s quite an expensive affair. After all, the fun name variation for Las Vegas is Lost Wages. 

On the other hand, for a more economic-friendly event, you can just incorporate the Las Vegas themes and make them come alive in a home setting or a venue. It can be as simple as a cards game night coupled with whiskey and cigars for a classier feel. 

Bar crawl

Yet another classic, well-known theme incorporated in many bachelor party events. Indulge in everyone’s favorite beverage and go barhopping around town. For a more interesting party, you can add some international flair to the event and try out different drinks from around the world – make the crew go out of the comfort zone!

There are many different bar crawls with various themes, in case the classic one is too mainstream. Add a fun twist with a, for example, Silent Disco bar crawl or a Superhero one perhaps. Surprise the groom and make the night as memorable as possible!

Hawaiian theme

No need for a tropical getaway if you live near the beach or can rent out a private pool in your area. With flower leis, Hawaiian shirts and plenty of cocktails, you’ll have the party atmosphere in no time. Make the tropical island atmosphere right in your city and go retro with tiki talismans, and, of course, don’t forget the tiki bar! This food and drink station should the centerpiece of the party, since it’s usually the main gathering point for the guests. When it comes to cocktails, pina coladas and Mai Tais are a must – with an added umbrella pick as décor, of course! 

If by any chance the bachelor party turns out to be on the beach, then surfing is definitely to try. It will surely be the highlight of the weekend, so take a look into experienced instructors in the area. A game of beach volleyball can be another great way to spend the day, before the night arrives and the real party begins!

Concluding thoughts

Overall, a theme is a glue which hold the atmosphere of the party together. Once the theme is decided on, the guests automatically know what to expect (though you might want to surprise the groom!). The theme not only helps shape the way the party will transpire but also dictates the dress code. Depending on whether the even is more a formal or informal affair, you as the best man might want to provide the crew with matching t-shirts. In this way, you’ll be recognizable wherever you go, not to mention it’s a great party favor as well. In the end, it’s the memories that matter, so make these ones count!