Are you struggling with how to clean your windows? Windows are very much in the open, yet people forget that they should be cleaned. Windows require being cleaned both inside and out, maintaining their look without leaving scratches, streaks, or breaking.

Here are five tips that can help you clean your windows.

Use the Appropriate Window Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools can be easily found in the stores. You will need a squeegee, window cleaner, sponges, and paper towels to dry your window. You could also use a dry microfiber cloth or cotton to dry your window.

If you cannot tilt your window, use a cleaning sprayer to reach the exterior. A razor blade or steel wool may come in hand if your window has tough stains. When buying the window cleaner, check on the quality because some leave residue, causing streaks.

Do Not Clean on a Sunny Day

Sunlight is only good and beautiful when it comes through a clean window, but not when cleaning it. When cleaning on a sunny day, the sunlight dries up any water droplets on your window, leaving streaks.

You may keep repeating the procedure or miss out on the streaks and appear like you have done no cleaning. To avoid this, choose a cool weather day to clean your windows.

Use an Appropriate Technique

Different windows demand to be cleaned differently depending on the material and size. Multipaned windows will require you to first remove dust and dirt with a sponge containing the water and detergent solution. Afterward, spray vinegar mixed with water on the windowpane and wipe with a squeegee.

On a large picture window, you won’t need the detergent. Instead, start with the vinegar mixture with water and a sponge. If you have any technical questions, consult with a company like the Bauer Roofing Siding Windows & Doors Inc

Use Lint-Free Cloths

Some pieces of clothes have lint, and when you use them to wipe your window, they leave the lint stuck on your window. An example of this is a cotton terry towel. Look for lint-free clothes such as microfiber and cotton percale.

Clean Your Windows Often

Having clean windows is welcoming and gives your home or office the first impression. Homeowners find a challenge in maintaining a window cleaning routine. Not cleaning your windows regularly will only make it hard for your next cleaning.

Cleaning your window may seem to be a tireless job, but it becomes an easy task with the right tools and tips. Do not overwork yourself by trying to clean all the windows in a day. Also, remember to wipe the windows in the same direction of motion.