Dirty Off Road Trip. Dirty Full of Mud SUV Type Car Right After Crossing Wet Desert.

Off-roading is a lot of fun and can be a great adventure. But you want to make sure you are doing it in safety and that your car is protected. Here are some upgrades that will help you increase your car’s off-roading capabilities and keep it safe.

Interior Liners

Multipurpose interior liners are designed to protect your car while off-roading. Liners are available in black, grey, or blue so that they won’t show dust and dirt. The liner has a smooth finish and is made of quality nylon, making it resistant to tears and abrasions from roots, rocks, and other obstacles you may hit.

Roof Basket

Add a roof basket for your next off-road adventure! The Roof Basket is designed to fit the front or rear crossbars on most Thule racks for easy, cost-effective transport of all your gear on your latest overland excursion. It is made from tough polyamide fabric, designed to resist UV, mold, mildew, and rotting. The durable basket also features reinforced tie-down straps to keep your outdoor gear secure and under control while in transit.

Mud Flaps

Mudflaps are one of the most important ways you can protect your vehicle. Mudflaps will cover up the wheel well and help keep debris out. They deflect large amounts of stones and other potential damage away from your car. Bolts unscrew and are easily accessible if you need to replace any after encountering challenging terrain.

Upgraded Front Bumper

A reinforced front bumper can withstand off-road obstacles such as brush and tree branches, rocks, road debris, etc. The integrated winch mount allows you to add a handy winch for use in tight spots, tow an equipment trailer, or recover. It also features an integrated lighting kit to provide additional off-road illumination. These are relatively easy to find, and you can choose from a plethora of options and manufacturers, such as can-am defender accessories


Snorkels can be added to some 4×4 vehicles but are most often found on goods with cylinders for the engine above the windshield, including Jeeps and SUVs. A snorkel will move your air intake up, so you don’t have to worry about sucking water into the engine when driving through deep water. It will also help filter water from your intake when driving through mud or sand as your tires fling dirt and grime into the air.

Lift Kit

This lift kit provides increased ground clearance and heavy-duty links to relocate shocks. Increase the flexibility of your vehicle while maintaining factory ride quality.

Tow Hook/Hitch

Tow hooks are functional off-road for pulling vehicles out of mud or sand and are required for some desert races. To install a tow hook, determine where to place it on your car, then use a bolt and nut to attach the eyelet to the mount point. You can purchase a tow hook at any off-road shop or consult your owner’s manual or dealer to ensure you have the proper hardware already installed before making a purchase.

Light Bar

Add light where you need it most while you’re traversing rocky terrain. You’ll be able to see the path ahead in low-light conditions on off-roading adventures and camping trips. It comes with wiring for power and can be easily installed, replacing your existing bar or mounted in addition to it. It adds brightness, safety, and style to your off-road rig and more utility when needed.

Off-Road Tires

Make your car safe to take on off-roading adventures with the installation of off-road tires. They are explicitly designed for traveling over uneven, rocky, muddy, or sandy terrain. They provide a high level of grip while providing you with the traction and stability you need to conquer even the most challenging terrain.

Chassis and Suspension

Suspension enhancement protects the tires, differentials, and undercarriage from damage on challenging ledges and steep inclines. Engine protection provides a durable coat to guard against rocks, sand, and dirt while driving through rugged terrain. Steel wheels offer low resistance on the most challenging trails and come in different colors and sizes based on your specific needs.

When it comes to off-roading, there is one thing that every car and off-roader in the world should have: upgrades. When you go off the beaten path, you want to be safe, don’t want to cause any damage, and take on whatever your vehicle gets into safely. The upgrades listed above will help ensure that your off-roading trip is safe and successful.