It’s summer, and most people are excited about getting away from it all for a few weeks but don’t forget about the security of your home while you’re gone. Summer is a prime time for vacations, but it’s also the best time for house breakers to strike. Use these ways to secure your home. 

Lock Up 

Although it is not the first line of defense for many homes – deterrents usually come first – locking doors and windows are two of the main ways home owners protect themselves and their properties from burglars. But locks on doors and windows can be more or less effective. 

If you don’t have locks on your windows, it’s time to invest before you head off to the sunshine; this is especially important if you don’t have double or triple glazing. It’s an idea to check your door security with your local police departments; remember, a five-lever lock is best for doors.    

Set Alarms 

If an intruder is successful in breaking into your property, you want to raise the alarm as soon as possible; thankfully, this is fairly easy with a modern security system that can detect motion in an empty room once set. Security alarms frighten intruders and raise awareness in the local area. 

Additionally, modern security alarms can notify the police department right away and send a message to your phone wherever you are. Security alarm systems don’t have to be expensive, so if you don’t have one, search for the latest systems online and choose one that suits you.   

Be Neighborly 

It’s nice to be nice, and there’s no harm in offering a favor for a favor either. If you’re going to be away for a few weeks this summer, why not talk to your neighbor and let them park their 4X4, RV, or caravan in your driveway. This gives them somewhere to put it and helps with security. 

Most house breakers are opportunists; they won’t have staked out your property for weeks or months; instead, they will most likely see that a driveway is empty and surmise that the owners are away for a short time in the summer. But the sight of a caravan suggests someone is in.

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Spy Cams 

Of course, nobody wants their house to be burgled any time of the year, least of all when they return from their summer vacation. Still, it can happen, and when it does, you want to have as much evidence and information as you can get to find the house breakers to prosecute them.

One way to do this is by Hiding a spy camera in your home and recording the break-in while it happens. Spy cameras are very discreet; they look like ordinary electronic devices such as nanny cams or outdoor lights in the case of outside spy cams. They can also sense motion.    

House Sitters 

House sitting is another excellent way to protect your home and belonging while you are on vacation and do a favor for a friend. If you know someone who might enjoy staying in your home for a week or two – or even for a weekend – why not invite them to stay in your home rent-free. 

Having someone staying on your property keeps it alive in a very organic way, you won’t have to set the timers for the lights, and there will always be a vehicle in the driveway; this is a much better deterrent. Make sure the house sitter is someone you can trust with your house keys.  

Light Timers 

If you don’t have someone to housesit for you or no one is available at the time of your vacation, you will have to set timers for the lights. Lights need to come on as it gets dark and switch off at a reasonable time through the night to make it appear like someone is in when they are not. 

Of course, if someone is watching the house, they will notice the lights are on a timer, but most burglars don’t work this way. If you can, it’s sensible to couple timed lights with a neighbor’s car parked in the driveway to complete the illusion. It’s not perfect, but it is an effective deterrent.  

Social Media 

Too many people make the mistake of advertising their vacation on social media. This is asking for trouble because word gets around that your house will be empty in the near future or is currently empty while you’re enjoying the sunshine. Stay off social media until you come home.