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You always want a home to feel cozy and welcoming, and you probably dream of cool ways to transform your home but shy away from these projects because they cost too much. However, there are many, simple, affordable, do-it-yourself methods that can create an amazing impact on both the exterior and interior of your home. Our home design experts are sharing some of their favorite DIY projects that will take your place to the next level!

String Lights

Your outdoor space whether it’s your backyard, a porch or patio can really set the mood when you hang up string lights and create your own magical oasis for romance, entertainment and more. String lights can be hung in a variety of ways such as across the yard in a tent-like fashion. This is a simple DIY project that makes the illumination of your outdoor space an alluring spot to gather in, and bulbs come in different shapes as in lanterns or flowers to enhance the mood.

Brick/Stone Patina

Here is another fab DIY project that delivers stunning results for either your exterior or interior spaces that feature brick or stone. You can attain a rich-looking and lovely vintage appeal through an easy-to-apply coat of paint. You can find excellent limewash brick that comes from Italy and has been developed to enhance the beautiful, natural texture of brick or stone by creating a striking whitewater finish in a one-coat process. The paint calcifies to the brick or stone for maximum durability. It continues to patina over time and results in that enviable, European limewashed brick from days gone by.

Window Boxes

Bring floral beauty to your home’s front exterior with a few window boxes. This is an elegant, ageless touch that isn’t hard to do. You can find all kinds of window boxes to choose from such as wood, wrought iron, metal, PVC, etc. Fill the window boxes with vibrantly colored, overflowing, seasonal blooms. Talk about instant curb appeal!

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Make your kitchen more glamorous and modern with some simple to-do under-cabinet lighting. Yes, you can install these just like that. A three-pack of LED puck lights costs around $30 at your favorite home improvement store and will deliver that soft, elegant lighting for your kitchen. The lights feature a slim design that tucks under the cabinets for a subtle effect, and they provide up to 30,000 hours of light.

Stencil Stair Risers

This project is another fun DIY and adds interest to your home’s staircase inside. It’s called stencil stair risers, and you can choose from a wide range of handsome stencils online. Many of them are available in vinyl strips that are peel and stick and temporary. It’s a quick way to transform your staircase and make it a focal point in your home.

Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Paint is always awesome for transformation, but wallpaper is as eye-catching or more, and the wallpaper trend is back in a huge way. This DIY project is fun, and best of all, peel and stick wallpaper isn’t forever. If you get bored with it, it’s easy to remove. Think of the fun you’ll have making over your rooms. Wallpaper comes in tons of gorgeous colors and patterns. Maybe you want to try and create a focal wall in your den. Peel and stick wallpaper gives you this option, and it’s very doable. Click here for expert DIY wallpaper tips on how to achieve the ideal look.

Outdoor Lighting

Celebrities know how lighting means everything in allowing them to look their star-finest. The same goes with your home’s exterior. A simple switch up of lighting can result in the wow factor. Consider a pair of attractive, outdoor, LED wall lights that are porch-sized and can be used for porches, patios, decks and more. These traditional-style fixtures can be used as decorative wall sconce lanterns on the outside of any home. Best of all, you never have to change a lightbulb.


There are many ways to transform your home, and our excellent DIY list can get you started. You’ll be surprised at how incredible your home can look both inside and outside. You can do it; you’ve got this!

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