The uninsured rate of people between 19 and 34 is relatively high. Nonetheless, the risks remain unchanged. Life insurance tends to confuse a lot of people. You might think that it is not worth it, especially when money is tight. Life insurance can be a tremendously rewarding investment whether you are young or single. There are many reasons you should opt for life assurance at a tender age. Here are some of them.

1. Build Credit

Building credit is one of the problems that many people face in their adult life. It can be extremely challenging to access funding when you have no collateral. Purchasing life insurance allows you to create a cash value that you can borrow funds against should the need arise.

The truth is that you are likely to need a loan in the future. Your expenses will increase, and you will want to take advantage of new opportunities. You may want to start a business, or you could be going through a financial crisis. Regardless of your situation, having collateral will come in handy.

2. Safeguard Your Loved Ones

You may be young and single, but you have parents and siblings. A life insurance policy will not only benefit your spouse and children. If you, unfortunately, passed on, your elderly parents and younger siblings could struggle financially. A permanent policy can help alleviate the suffering of your parents when you are gone.

Moreover, you could have credit card debts or student loans. Maybe you had recently taken a brand new car on loan. These are situations that can leave a heavy financial burden on your parents. A life insurance policy can help to offset your debts. As a result, your parents will not need to worry about servicing your loans.

3. Protect your Future

When you are young, there are many years ahead of you. Nonetheless, your life could change for the worst in a day. For example, you could get involved in a horrible accident, leaving you incapacitated. Besides that, you may have a spouse and children in the future. Consequently, your expenses will increase.

Life insurance coverage could help take care of your wife and children; even you are not there. If you wait to get a little bit older, the cost of coverage will have increased.

4. It is Cheaper

Once you purchase a life assurance policy, your premiums do not change. When you are younger, you are healthier. You have not developed any lifestyle diseases that could raise your potential premiums. Your long term care insurance quote is cheaper than when you are older and in poor health. Getting this policy in your early 20s means you will pay less on the policy over a lifetime. Locking-in incredible premiums at an early age will make life insurance a worthy investment.

If you have other types of insurance such as automobile, home, and health policy, adding life insurance may result in generous discounts. You ultimately save a significant amount of money on insurance.

5. You Chose a High-Risk Career Path

Sometimes your calling leads you on a dangerous path. The problem is that giving up on your dreams could lead to an unfulfilling life. For this reason, you should not give up on your calling because it is not the safest path you can take.

Life is full of risk. Choosing a high-risk career such as serving in the army, roofing, or even trucking does not make it easy. Anything could happen while at work; you could sustain an injury that will put you out of work for years or a lifetime. And without a backup plan, you are likely to suffer. A permanent policy could save you and your loved ones from going through such an ordeal.

Remember, accidents can happen to anybody regardless of their age. If you sustain a career-ending injury, you don’t want to be a financial burden to your family. A life assurance policy can undoubtedly help you avoid this from happening.


Life presents us with a lot of uncertainties tied. You could be doing well today, but you do not know tomorrow. You might be young today, but you will be older in a couple of years. Taking life insurance seriously as you do with other investments could be the best decision.