Good healthcare is the most significant benefit that humans can experience. Healthcare as an industry is growing as people live longer. While directly helping patients as a doctor or a nurse is one of the most visible jobs in healthcare, there are several options for someone interested in healthcare. Continue reading and discover five vastly different options for anyone considering working in the healthcare industry.

Dental Assistant

During a visit to a dentist’s office, patients are likely to be seen by a dental assistant before seeing the dentist. Dental assistants do all the prep work so that the dentist is more efficient when caring for patients.

In addition to taking care of intake paperwork, dental assistants are also responsible for sterilizing and organizing the tools that dentists use, assisting the dentist during procedures, submitting billing to insurance companies, taking x-rays, Advised patients on oral hygiene, sterilizing and organizing dental tools, assisting during dental procedures, and ensuring that patient records are updated.

Many people have a fear about being a dentist and having dental work. Therefore a dental assistant must be calming and have apathy for patients.

Home Health Care Aid

A home healthcare aid has several characteristics that make them a unique part of the healthcare industry. In addition to their passion for caring for the disabled, elderly, or those who need help at home, home healthcare aides must also be compassionate and have a strong work ethic.

Home health care professional caregivers help patients maintain their health and hygiene, grocery shop, prepare meals, administer medications, groom patients, help patients deal with logistics, and take patients to appointments.

It is not unusual for home health aides who have such passion for their work that they begin seeking resources and inquiring about how to start a home care business for the elderly. Schools and guides help entrepreneurs start and build a home health aide business. It can be a lucrative career, and there is more than enough business to go around for a successful business.

Medical Coder and Biller

If you thought that a medical coder and biller was simply responsible for typing all day, you’d be mistaken about this rewarding career. Medical coders and billers I have a lot to do with medical records and the treatments for patients.

While the duties may vary depending on the type of facility a coder or biller works in, their jobs can include:

  • Collecting information from different sources to prepare reports
  • Implementing procedures and choosing strategies and evaluation methods
  • Examining medical malpractice that’s been reported
  • Complying with medical coding guidelines and policies

pharmacy technician

If your love for health involves helping people cure symptoms, then pharmacy tech may be the job for you. A pharmacy technician helps the pharmacist perform tasks that help customers, as well as:

  • Filling and labeling prescriptions
  • Contacting customers when prescriptions are ready
  • Answering customer questions
  • Giving prescriptions to customers

As a pharmacy tech, it will also be essential to know about pharmacist rules and regulations, how to sterilize equipment and surfaces, and ensure that the electronic information you receive and transmit is accurate and complete.

Medical Transcriber

All employees in the healthcare industry do not directly see clients. Conversely, some are what are known as documentation specialists or medical transcribers. A medical transcriber listens to a doctor’s voice recording and converts it into written reports.

After receiving proper training, it is easy to be a medical transcriptionist either for a company or on a self-employed basis. It is one of the businesses that entrepreneurs can go into with minimal upfront cost.

Some other duties of a medical transcriber include:

  • Listening to record a dictation
  • Interpreting the dictation ad patient history, exam notes, referral letters, and other documents
  • Translating medical abbreviations and jargon into long-form words
  • Following up with healthcare providers to ensure reports are accurate
  • Following patient confidentiality guidelines


As you have read, getting good healthcare is a great benefit to humans. If you are interested in joining the healthcare industry, career options are vast, and you will be working in a continuously growing industry. The five healthcare options listed above offer a look at some options that should be considered when looking into a healthcare career.