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If you have lived in your home for some time or you have just moved in and have decided that it needs some life injected into it then there are many ways you can do this. Over time your home can become drab and dreary just through general wear and tear. Here are five ways you can give a boost to your interior


Lightening is a fantastic way to add light to your home. Through the use of lighting, you can make it as bright or as dark as you want, especially if you make use of dimmer switches. These are very handy for movie nights as you can put them on low if you don’t want complete darkness. If you have a smart home then you could make use of smart light bulbs and control them through the app on your phone. 

There are many different kinds of lighting that you can use within your home, it just depends on the type of light you want. If you want the light to reflect around your home then think about using a ceiling light with shade. If you want to create a warm atmosphere then table lamps will be better for this. 

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Lick Of Paint

If you find your walls are full of fingerprints and dirt then you can sort this with a new fresh coat of paint. Bear in mind this is a common occurrence for households especially if you have children. You can use the same color or if you are feeling daring you could go for something bolder and brighter. If you want to create something a little different then think about making one of your walls a feature wall. This is one wall that is a different color or print from all the other walls in the room. 

If paint isn’t your thing then you might like to think about wallpaper instead. A lot of people fear wallpaper as it seems like a lot of hard work. If you get the right wallpaper there won’t be any need to join it up or in fact waste any. If you need help with decorating your walls then you can call in your local DIY painter and decorator. Be sure to check out the reviews and testimonials from other users before you give them a call. 

Wall Art

If you want to make your home more personal to you then wall art is certainly the way to go about it. You have so much choice and variety for this including hanging picture frames or purchasing wall stickers. Custom wall stickers can be anything from motivational quotes to pictures of your favorite characters. If you have children then you might want to show them how proud you are and hang their artwork and drawings on the wall. 

House Plants

Houseplants can be a great way to create some warmth and greenery within your home. If you are wanting to create a tropical paradise in the comfort of your own home then getting different plants can help with this. Houseplants not only look pretty they also help improve your air quality, especially if you get something like Aloe Vera or a Peace Lily. 

When you have house plants the harmful toxins are drawn into the plant and neutralized so you are not breathing anything dangerous to your body. Another great benefit of owning house plants is that they add moisture into the air so if you have noticed yourself with a dry cough then the plants might help with this. 

Cushions & Throws

Finally, if you want a nice inexpensive way to add something different to your home then invest in some cushions and throws for your chairs and sofas. This creates a completely different feel within a room and turns it from a cold environment into a nice, warm, and inviting one. You can get cushions and throws in many different colors so they blend in or even stand out against your other furniture. 

You could also go one step further in your quest for comfort and warmth, you could add a rug to the floor in your living room. This will be great if you have hardwood flooring, in winter this can get cold so a rug will help keep the warmth in. 

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We hope this article gave you some help and inspiration into creating a brand new and brighter interior within your home. Remember, these hacks do not need to be expensive so ensure you are shopping around for the best price available.