When you are preparing for a permanent plant shutdown, there are many details to take care of in the coming weeks. One of the most important will be to liquidate your plant’s assets, which will likely be done via auction or selling to buyers who specialize in industrial equipment. Since your plant will have many types of equipment on the premises, you may be wondering what to sell first. Prior to closing your plant, sell the following types of equipment as soon as possible.

Office Equipment

Even if you still have a skeleton crew staying on at your plant until it closes, you won’t need all the excess office equipment from various offices and elsewhere. From office chairs and desks to computers and printers, selling this equipment early on can get the liquidation process underway.

Shop Equipment

When selling shop equipment, this can run the gamut, depending on the type of plant you have and what was manufactured there prior to closing. At most plants, shop equipment will include hand tools such as drills, wrenches, and more. Other equipment may include drill presses, lathes, various types of saws, and possibly state-of-the-art numerically-controlled machinery, which could bring a high price when liquidated.

Construction Equipment

If you have construction equipment to sell, there are companies that can either sell them for you or get you in contact with used equipment buyers eager to get construction equipment at bargain prices. Since such equipment as bulldozers, graders, and everything else in this category of equipment is always in high demand by buyers, you should be able to rid yourself of this equipment much faster than you anticipated.

Safety Equipment

Finally, since safety is always so important at industrial facilities, any safety equipment you have at your plant can be sold to buyers. However, it is best to not sell this equipment until you are just about ready to shut your plant’s doors for good since you never know when it may be needed. Whether you have ladders, fire extinguishers, personal protective equipment, scaffolding, or video monitoring systems for large areas of a plant, buyers should be more than willing to purchase this essential equipment from your plant.

Though it can be a time-consuming process to inventory your plant’s equipment prior to selling it off, it is important you do so, since it will let you know exactly what you have available to potential buyers. Whether it’s construction equipment like bulldozers or office chairs, being organized along the way will ensure you sell your plant’s equipment as easily as possible.