After months of freezing, your dog wants to get out and create memories during the warm weather. There are various fun outdoor activities that you can do with your dog this summer. 

1. Go For a Hike

Dogs make excellent hiking companions. Plan for a hike with your dog during summer and create memories together. Ensure you pick a hiking area that has shades so that your dog can relax and cool on the shades when it gets too hot. Carry enough food and water with you to keep your dog hydrated and full of energy throughout the hike. Also, do not make the hike too long to avoid straining your dog.

2. Go Camping

If you are an area camper, you know how fun camping is, and you can always do it with your dog to add the fun. Summertime has good conditions for camping because you will not have to worry about cold and rain. Setting a tent for overnight camping will extend the adventures of the day. Ensure you choose a camping site that is dog friendly and carry enough food and water for your dog. 

3. Go To The Beach

Summertime is beach time, and you will never go wrong with taking your dog to the beach. Your dog will have a great day running around, digging the sand, and hiding under the umbrellas at the beach. If you have a dog that needs extra support, consider getting an IVDD back brace which will offer your dog the stability and flexibility to play at the beach. Plus, its cool mesh design can help keep them cool. When hitting the beach with your dog, always go prepared. Carry toys, food, and a feeding bowl for your dog.

4. Head Out For a Picnic

As you plan on fun outdoor activities with your dog, you are always looking forward to bonding time. A picnic is a great way to bond with your dog during the summer season. Head outside for a picnic where you will play with your dog while enjoying the warm weather. Carry enough food for you and your dog as you go for the picnic. To have a great time select a picnic site with plenty of shade for your dog to rest when overwhelmed with the heat.

5. Play in The Pool

Swimming is a great way to have fun during the warm weather. You can have your dog dip its feet into the pool or teach him to swim. If your dog is not good at swimming yet, do not let it swim alone. Be there to ensure your dog does not drown. Check how your dog reacts when it gets into the pool because, just like humans, not all dogs love swimming. Ensure you clean your pool after the swimming session because your dog will urinate inside the pool when the urge comes.

6. Ride a bike Together

Riding a bike is therapeutic, and you will add to the fun when you take your dog with you. You will have a great time in the woods with your dog. The best time to go for bike riding is in the evening or morning hours when the ground is not too hot for your dog. If your dog is small, you can carry it in the bike basket. Take an adventure with your dog and get rid of paths you wouldn’t take with a car.

7. Have a Pet BBQ

Your dog needs to have a good time also. If you have friends who have dogs, you can ask them to come along, and you have a pet BBQ. You can have a beautiful dog party, and let the dogs enjoy the good weather. Have enough food and water for the dogs, and give them toys to play with. Take pictures with your dog at the BBQ dog party and save them for memories. Choose a theme and let the dogs enjoy the summer party like any other party.

8. Visit a Dog-Friendly Patio

Eating out is an excellent way to create memories. Your dog has always been indoors during the cold seasons; now that it is summer, use that time to take your dog out. Various restaurants offer dog-friendly patios, and you can enjoy a meal with your dog. If your dog is comfortable around people, this can be the best activity to enjoy.

Closing Thoughts

When the weather gets warmer, it is a great time to do various outdoor activities. If you have a dog, this is the perfect time to bond with them. Also if you have any fun activities or pet tips you’d like to share please do.