Proper spring cleaning can help you create more space for your car packing. You will find that most of the time, your garage is cluttered, and you have no more room to park your car. Follow the following tips to ensure that your garage is cleaner and more efficient.

Have a Spring-Cleaning Program in the Garage

The first thing to do is plan yourself so that the process is a success. Cleaning your garage will take you 2-3 days, depending on the type of debris in your garage.

You can create a checklist to ensure all areas are covered and assign different tasks to family members. Do not overwork yourself, and take a break whenever you need it.


Decluttering involves removing everything from the garage and deciding the items you need to keep, recycle, donate, dispose of, or sell. Choose a day that is not rainy to avoid loss. You can put the items along the walkway, the lawn, or the patio. Do not put things in front of the garage door as a lot of dust and water will flow during sweeping.

Anything you need to dispose of or give away, make sure you do it immediately to avoid keeping them in the garage. Remember to wear your mask because of the associated dust.

Wipe the Garage and Sweep Outside

Besides wiping your floor, there are many other areas you need to cover before that. With a rag, you can easily clean the slat wall panels in the garage. If your wall material is brick, drywall, or any other, you can use a broom to remove accumulated dust, dirt, salt deposits, and cobwebs.

Wash Your Garage

Now, it’s time to clean your garage floor with your soft cleaner and garden hose. Use household chemicals that are recommended according to your type of floor.

To remove any remaining water after the final cleaning, you can use a squeegee to do so. Garage Living carries a 30″ double foam squeegee specifically for this purpose.

Clean Garage doors and opener

You can use a sponge and detergent to clean doors on both sides. Do not forget any other openings such as window panels and inserts.

Remember to clean your residential garage door openers to ensure that photo eyes are clean and functional for security purposes. If any difficulties arise in the drive screw or chain drive, you may apply a lubricant.

If the Garage Door is Old, You May Want to Consider Replacing it

After cleaning, return only the required items to the clean space and organize them well. Install Slat wall, garage cabinetry, and specialty storage racks if you do not have an organization system.

Follow the following tips that are above to ensure that your garage is cleaner than ever.