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Over the past few decades, the car buying industry has witnessed significant revolutions. This has happened due to essential factors such as media, innovation, and technology. Due to the changes in the car-buying journey, at least 59% of potential buyers spend time searching for their ideal vehicles on the internet. In this piece, we will unearth how the internet has improved the car buying experience.

How Buyers Research Cars

Today, the buying journey of an automotive consumer has only gotten complex through the years. Though many cars are still purchased at the dealership, the most important decisions are made beforehand on the internet.

Google suggests that 95% of car buyers search the internet and use digital information to make up their minds to buy the car of their interests. Also, at least 65% of buyers only take two weeks to gather enough information before buying the vehicles.

Six out of ten buyers are always undecided when they commence their research. They don’t know what is best for them. That means they’re open to a vast range of models and makes of vehicles. But once they get to the dealership, they always know the specific car they want to buy.

Buyers Don’t Start at Dealerships.

Potential buyers don’t go to auto brand websites when doing their research. Most of them will first go to the comparison websites, where they’ll collect as many details as possible about various sites. They will also see the prices and a vast range of user reviews.

Again, 56% of interested buyers will start with third-party platforms before heading to the dealer website. Dealers have witnessed a yearly decrease of 2% in traffic going to their websites. That means many buyers don’t rely on them for information anymore.

This transition is vital to the dealership. It shows them that they should provide reliable information to help interested consumers make informed decisions. Their information should also be easily accessible so they don’t make losses.

Technology and Customer Experience

Today, there’s something known as video marking, and it keeps getting popular by the day. Videos make it easier for buyers to research various cars and make essential decisions without breaking a sweat.

For instance, virtual test drives provide a 360-degree view of the interiors of various cars. Thus, you won’t have to show up and drive the actual vehicle, but you’ll still know what needs to be known about the available vehicles.

Buyers know that they deserve visual insights that go way beyond mere images, which is why video marketing has gotten popular these days.

Virtual Reality

Virtual and augmented reality has also been introduced in the digital space and has become the household talk. Though VR is already being used in a range of industries, the automotive industry is way ahead of all of them.

Car manufacturers keep using virtual and augmented realities to enhance customer experience. For instance, in 2020, VR technology accumulated $120 billion in revenue, and that number is expected to go up threefold in 2025.

With the help of the two technologies, customers can see and experience their dream cars without being in them. They can visit any showroom they like and have the best experience. This technology comes in handy when they need to land some of the best deals.

Mobile Plays a Role

Today, more than 70% of automotive shoppers use their mobile devices to find the best cars to purchase. They gather as many details as possible on the go, so they have the time to do other things such as travel and complete their backlog.

Did you know that in 2020, 9% of car buyers completed their transactions through mobile devices? The stats include those who used their mobile devices to buy used cars online in Canada. This shows that people want to have the best car buying experience without trying too hard. Therefore, as a car dealer, it helps ensure that your website is mobile-friendly so that willing buyers can easily purchase their dream vehicles.

Closing Thoughts

Now you understand the internet’s role in revolutionizing the car buying experience. The points we have mentioned above are just some of them. You can learn more by doing your homework. Also, you can ask us any questions you might have about the information above.