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We all go through tough times in life. It is tempting to isolate yourself until you can make sense of your emotions. 

Whether you’re going through a difficult event or simply feeling emotionally drained from the day, isolating yourself is often one of the first steps to depression. However, it can be tough sometimes to find the physical and emotional strength to reach out to others. The reason why solitude is soothing is that it eliminates the background noise around you. It is exhausting to pay attention to all the conversations around you and have an answer to everything. Unfortunately, being alone when you are emotionally fragile already can have dramatic consequences:

  • It can encourage dark thoughts
  • It drives high stress and anxiety levels
  • It enhances sadness and feelings of helplessness
  • It can make your issue appear less manageable because you can’t share thoughts with others
  • It creates emotional burnout as emotions you can’t express carry on haunting you

Yet, it’s not easy to reach out to people when you’re in the middle of emotional turmoil. So, how do you take the steps that bring you back among people? 

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You intentionally seek professional support

Talking to a therapist when you are struggling with your emotions after a difficult event can help you express your feelings. Contrary to common belief, working with a therapist is not about learning to forget negative and hurtful experiences by moving past or banning them. It’s about telling the story to someone who understands how to listen to you. More often than not, we are lost in a thought pattern that can cause pain. However, it is impossible to realize that you can regain control of your emotions. A therapist doesn’t cancel the pain or the sorrow you experience after a traumatic. They help you realize why you feel this specific emotion and how to conquer it. The process can make you feel more confident about your feelings and less isolated. 

You reach out to your best friends

Frankly, it’s no surprise popular movies showcase the typical girls’ night out after a breakup scene. It’s because spending time with friends helps you heal. It doesn’t make you forget about your bad experience. But it helps you realize that you are not alone and that friends are here to cheer you up. So, what’s stopping you from booking a dining room in a private facility, such as Barrio Queen Private Dining Rooms, to spend quality time with the people who believe in you? If you are worried about letting your worries ruin the night, ask your friends to prepare activities for the evening instead. There’s nothing wrong with having a band playing live music or playing an exciting team game together! 

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You try new activities

Meeting new people is easier than you think. You could join your local gym and attend classes to meet new people. You could look for workshops and events in your town. Or, sometimes just taking a stroll in town and taking the time to enjoy every moment can help you make new friends. Meeting people may not cure your emotional trauma. But it exposes you to new ways of thinking and feeling that could help you. 

You are only as alone as you allow yourself to be. Social withdrawal is an unconscious choice you make for yourself after being hurt. But only you can break the circle and go back to people.