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If you’ve spent the winter inside, summer sounds like a breath of fresh air. But, you might not have plans for how you’ll spend this newfound time yet. Here are a few ways to prepare for the summer this year.

Prepare the Pool for Swimming

Does your place have a pool? If it does, then you’ve probably covered it up for most of the winter. So, it’s time to take off its cover and refresh the water. Start by rolling up the cover, and then you can test the water to see how it’s doing. If it’s too acidic, you’ll have to add some pH adjusters to it. Of course, you’ll want to make sure there are not any contaminants in there. Most of the time, a simple water strip is enough to test for them. After you’ve seen what’s going on in there, figure out what it needs. Then, use your stock of pool chemicals to fix anything wrong with the water.

Stock Up on Supplies for the Grill

Even if you don’t have a pool, grills are still great. Go to the store and buy whatever you need to throw an outdoor BBQ. That’s how we’ve always kicked off the summer once it’s that time of year. So, pick up a few things to cook on the grill. Hotdogs and hamburgers seem to be crowd favorites, especially when it’s hot. Plus, they’re not too expensive if you’re trying to stick to a budget, either. Cooking a few of them has a way of making the backyard smell great, too. Everyone who lives nearby will smell what you’ve thrown on the grill, drifting on the air. Don’t be surprised to see a line of them crowding around the gate, waiting for a plate.

Get the Family Boat Ready for the Water

Stop by the local marina or look online to buy some mercruiser parts. You can typically find great deals and you’ll need these when repairing the boat. If you’ve had it stored all winter, it’s probably time for new oil. So, get enough to replace everything in your boat’s oil lines. Then, drain it and refill it with brand new stuff. Once it’s warm enough outside, you want to make sure the boat has everything it needs. That way, you won’t have to wait before hitting the water.

Start a Garden in the BackYard

Nothing makes it feel like summer more than a nice garden in the backyard. Vibrant colors are an amazing way to bring out your home’s natural character, too. Plus, on top of the aesthetics, you can teach your children something while you’re at it. Give them a list of supplies to buy at the local hardware store. Then, start planning how you’d like everything to look during the peak of summer. By the time they’re back, your plan should be done. You and the kids can start putting it into action after they’ve shown up with everything from the store.

Plan a Vacation Somewhere Exotic

We’ve always enjoyed spending part of summer away from the house. Hopefully, we’ve put together a vacation somewhere exotic. Going to a foreign location and getting away from everything is always a good way to spend a few weeks. So, that’s why it’s an item we’ve put at the top of our priority list. If it doesn’t happen, summer just doesn’t feel the same. Seeing how people live elsewhere puts things in perspective once you’re back home, too.

Organize a Community Potluck

It’s hard to feel lonely if everyone is coming over to your place all summer. But, that’s not possible unless you’ve met them. So, we’d recommend throwing a potluck and inviting the whole neighborhood. That way, everyone has a chance to meet each other at the start of summer. Then, it won’t be so hard to get everyone together again later on.

How to Get Ready for the Summer

Preparing for the summer has always been a favorite time of year. There’s something about how the air feels as it’s shifting from cold to warm. After spending all winter inside, the summer air is more than inviting. It’s an embrace we’ve been waiting to feel for months.

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