No matter your income or socioeconomic status, you probably want to enjoy a sense of luxury living in some aspect of your lifestyle. Here are some ways to enhance your quality of life by making one or more simple but effective changes.

Buy or Lease a Late Model Car

Driving around in a top-rated car model can make you feel special and is likely to attract public notice. Sometimes you can find a new or late model car that was previously leased or traded in by a wealthy owner for a newer model. Look for one that is in great condition or arrange to have detailed and look its best. An expensive vehicle may enhance your lifestyle as you enjoy the latest bells and whistles like heated seats and remote start with built-in GPS and Siri programming. Certain makes of Audi and Lexus vehicles, for example, can be purchased with affordable payments.

Move Into a Luxury Residence

Another way to enjoy that feeling of wealth is by renting a luxury apartment since buying one may be very expensive. You can sometimes find great deals on smaller apartments or efficiencies located in a deluxe compound of high-priced units. Many developments of this type offer special features like an indoor gym with a swimming pool and an amazing party room for private gatherings. Gorgeous settings include professionally maintained grass, trees, shrubs, and flowering gardens. Some offer a tennis court or picnic area. The apartments are exquisitely furnished with quality furniture and fixtures. You will feel like part of the one percent when you move into one of these apartments.

Shop for Designer Clothes

Dressing like a million dollars will instill confidence and attract admirers who may want to copy your style. You don’t have to pay top dollar for designer-brand clothing. Shop online at specialty boutiques for second-hand outfits that look as if they were previously owned by celebrities or millionaires. Occasionally, you can find designer clothes at local thrift shops at greatly reduced prices, but you may have to shop more extensively.

Look For High-End Furniture

Browse furniture store sales online or on social media to get the best prices on top brand name furnishings. going-out-of-business sales or holiday discounts are more ways to buy beautiful furniture at reduced prices. Dress up your home for less than you would pay at full price.

With careful budgeting and shopping, you can find superb deals on these and other lifestyle elements that will let you share that wealthy feeling without paying full price.