Family time is the only guaranteed time to bond and get closer to each other. The good news is there’re plenty of fun activities to engage in safely throughout the year, from silly ones to ones that need a little bit of concentration. Finding age-appropriate activities will undoubtedly bring you closer together for hours and make lifelong memories. Here are five activities worth sharing with your family.


When your children are small and want to engage in age-appropriate activities, start with scavenger hunting in the backyard. Timing the activities and competing is a great way to motivate the children to look for bugs, crawling things, and anything else. However, as they grow older, they can venture into the wild and even consider using a can-am defender on the terrain. However, ensure that they are rigged with appropriate can-am defender accessories like soft enclosures to ensure their safety.

Board Games

There’re numerous types of board games that a family can comfortably engage in at the comfort of their home. Start with widely known games such as Pictionary or even monopoly. Strive to master one game at a time before moving on to the next. However, read the room and change the board games if they become too easy or difficult to be any fun.

Roller Skating

Skating is one fun activity where people from all age groups find fun regardless of how many times they participate. Consider signing up classes for the younger ones who have not mastered the sport from the local rink. You might want to join the class and get a few pointers to help skate better. Free time and actively have time on the rink on the times and dates you had decided on as a family.

Photo Walk

When walking around the neighborhood, you are likely to encounter one thing out of the ordinary. Take the opportunity and go as a family and actively search for something as simple as the same type of flower. Venture further into the nearest park and take photos of the most exciting things. Everyone should have a specific item they are looking for with additional outliers of what interests them the most.

Try New Cuisine

Every week, enjoy visiting local eateries, and eating something new on the menu is something every family member is bound to be on board with. However, have a budget to that effect.

Take note that getting everyone’s input is important when considering the activities worth sharing as a family. Have a voting system and always ask for opinions to improve family fun activities.