As a real estate agent, you know how important it is to advertise your properties as much as possible. This is especially true when you are hosting an open house, since there may be lots of potential buyers showing up and showing interest in purchasing the property. However, you first have to let people know an open house is underway, which involves using signs to direct them to your location. As to how many signs you should use when advertising your open house, here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Stop Signs

To begin with, you should start placing your open house signs at every stop sign in or near your property’s neighborhood. Once you start becoming aware of just how many stop signs are nearby, you’ll probably be amazed at how many signs you’ll need. In a typical neighborhood, expect to have up to 10 stop signs, so plan accordingly.

Neighborhood Entrances

At all major entrances to the neighborhood, you’ll want to have your open house signs as visible as possible. Just as the signs will get noticed when people pause their vehicles at stop signs, they will also take notice of signs that are alerting them to something going on in a neighborhood.


As you have driven around your town or city, chances are you’ve probably noticed lots of signs being placed at intersections. When you are preparing to host an open house, make sure you get an ample supply of wholesale 24×18 custom yard signs and place them at nearby intersections. Along with there likely being stop signs at these intersections, people always have to look in two different directions before proceeding.

Nearby Businesses

If you really want to think outside the box, consider taking some of your yard signs and seeing if you can place them at nearby businesses, such as coffee shops or restaurants. More than likely, if they are local business owners, they’ll be glad to help you out. After all, if new people move into the area, chances are they may patronize these businesses. Thus, it becomes a win-win situation for everyone.

Overall, you can likely expect to need 40-50 signs or perhaps even more when advertising your open house. Once you start looking around at the many typical spots signs are placed and others that may be in play as well, you’ll be surprised at how many signs will be needed. Since your goal is to get the property sold as fast as possible, displaying signs everywhere you can make it happen.