There is never a better time to take control of your health and get in shape than right now. If you’re in a relationship, you may have decided that you want to embark on this wellness journey with your significant other. The problem is, you don’t know if they’re fully on board yet. 

Fortunately, there are ways to include your partner in your healthy living routines. Here are some tips on how to assist your partner in maintaining a health-conscious lifestyle. 

Respect Their Boundaries 

Remember, your significant other may not be comfortable with every health decision you make. If you two disagree on certain aspects of your health journey, accept and respect their boundaries. Being empathetic to their views will not only make them feel secure in getting in shape, but you’ll also have an easier time getting them to compromise when it comes to your ideas. Health goals are very personal, so it’s important to understand the importance of diversifying your lifestyles. 

Be Forthright 

Always be forthcoming with your plans. Sneaky decisions like switching their favorite protein to a plant-based option behind their back will do more harm than good. 

If you decide to incorporate some healthy alternatives into your diet, speak to your partner about it. You can come together and create a meal plan that both of you would be happy to eat. Actively choosing to stay in shape will also help maximize commitment in the long run as well. 

Check in Regularly 

Even if you live together, you can’t spend every moment with your loved one. If you notice that your partner has been neglecting their wellness regimen, take some time to periodically check in. What may appear to be laziness can be an underlying issue that’s keeping them preoccupied. This is also a great opportunity to offer support in case they need help getting back on track. If you need more structure in your health routine, a healthy living program can help you create and commit to realistic goals. Finding a program that you can join together makes working toward goals less intimidating. 

Always Highlight the Benefits. 

Does your partner seem uninterested in getting healthy? Maybe they’re not as educated on the benefits as you are. If you’re passionate about getting them to join in, you should do your best to highlight the benefits for them. 

For instance, you can inform them that the greater effort they make to get in shape, the longer you live, which means more time being together. Turn the talking points you’d otherwise use to nag into reasons that would entice them to join you. 

Getting in shape with the one you love is great when they’re on board. If they’re apprehensive, there are ways to respectfully change their mind. Always use empathy to motivate your partner to remain committed.