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A normal working day in any business environment is not always smooth. There are difficult days coupled with obstacles, some of which are caused by difficult employees. At times employees may be difficult to handle due to their behavior and personality, but this cannot stop the company from running. Some of these employees may lead to incitements within the workstation, making it difficult to keep the business on its feet and producing favorable outcomes. Sometimes, difficult employees may face uncertainties in their personal lives, contributing to their uncouth behavior. However, there are numerous ways to deal with such irresponsible employees, and some of these ways are discussed in this article.


These irresponsible workers may get to your nerves, and you may not know what action to take against them. The employees may be so irritating to the point of prompting you to take action in your own hands. However, as a responsible leader, you should show the difference between yourself and these difficult employees by thinking rationally.

Please take a moment and listen to their side of the story and weigh whether their behavior is justified by what prompted them to act in a certain manner. As a mature manager, you should stay calm and pay attention to these employees. It would help if you remembered that the best shot is taken when you understand the situation at hand.

Reporting to the relevant departments

Taking the step to write up reasons of an employee not doing their job correctly, should be an action that you have taken into careful consideration. It would be best not to write up employees now and then for small mistakes. The company has its policies, but you are a human similar to your employee, and any one of you can make a mistake either with consent or not.

Writing up employees should follow the set rules and policies set by the company, and it would be best if you followed the rules to the core. It would be best to give writing up the relevance it deserves by refraining from issuing it now and then. Some important reasons to write an employee include but are not limited to Insubordination, attendance, arrogance, rude behavior.


Take up the responsibility of following up on your employees` behavior. You might find an employee in constant scenarios where he has gone against the company`s rules. However, you cannot take action against them because you have not documented their previous offenses.

Therefore, as a responsible manager, you should write down offenses committed by each employee during disciplinary situations and promotions and rewards. Your workplace should be a place where morals are nurtured and work ethos is taken seriously with the weight they deserve. Documentation is prudent, and you should aim at keeping behavioral records.

Set consequences for their actions.

As a manager, you ought to set some consequences that will be affected once irresponsible employees continue with unwarranted behavior. At work, you should take all employees equally and demand from each of them work ethics. In any line of business, there must be a leader who is concerned about the working environment determined by employees` behavior.

The consequences may be approached positively or negatively. You may set a certain standard that they will be laid off if the employee continues negative behavior. On the other hand, you may positively present the consequences by offering a promotion, or you`d let them go if the habit seizes.

Control your self-talk

How you perceive your employees is crucial to how you relate with them and their overall performance at work. Ingesting negative ideas about your employees in your head can poison your relationship with them, which is irresponsible and uncalled for.

Always try to maintain a friendly and positive attitude with your employees. You may have certain obvious differences, and you may differ significantly in ideologies, but this should not be enough reason to detest your workers. If you feel some kind of competition, embrace it and turn it into a challenge to perform better.

In conclusion, maintaining a positive working environment at your workstation is a denominator to the overall performance of your business. The above-discussed ways to deal with irresponsible behavior by employees are just but a few among many. Seek knowledge on how to deal and relate with employees from various sources as you cannot turn away from promoting a conducive working environment as a leader.