Up to now, there have been no proven ways to enhance the thickness of hair follicles. However, there’re many ways to make your hair look thicker, shiny, and healthier.

Up to now, there have been no proven ways to enhance the thickness of hair follicles. However, there’re many ways to make your hair look thicker, shiny, and healthier. In this piece, we have listed several secrets that you can easily use to get the type of hair you’ve always yearned for. If one trick doesn’t work, you’re welcome to try another. But it’s a given that one or two of them will work for you. So let’s check them out; shall we?


It’s widely known that eggs have high levels of protein. Your body needs protein to build thick, healthy hair. Thus, by using eggs regularly on your hair, they’ll start looking fuller and more attractive. Note that you need to keep your hair stronger so that they stop falling out when rubbed onto things.

All you have to do is beat one or two eggs together and apply the liquid to your damp hair and scalp. After the application, you want to leave the eggs on your scalp for around 30 minutes. After the time elapses, use warm water to rinse your hair and scalp carefully. It’s okay to mix the eggs with oil and water for even better results.

Olive Oil

Omega3 is one of the many compounds available in olive oils, and your hair needs that to thrive. If you apply the oil directly to your hair, it’ll become stronger, healthier, and thicker. You can also use the same oil to make your hair softer. Let’s find out how you can use olive oil to make your hair fuller.

You want to heat the olive oil to body temperature before using it on your hair and scalp. Once you’ve applied, let it stay on your hair and scalp for 30-45 minutes before rinsing with shampoo. Some individuals might choose to add honey to the oil, which is also a great idea.

Proper Nutrition

Did you know that a nutritious diet can help enhance the overall health of your hair? Things like protein, healthful fats, and some vitamins can help make your hair thicker, softer, and healthier. It’s known that thin hair is a sign that someone doesn’t consume a healthy diet. So if you have the same situation, consider using proper nutrition.

Are you not sure what to consume for healthy hair? Salmon, for instance, contains a high level of fatty acids and proteins that your hair needs to look great. It’s also advisable to consume eggs, Greek yogurts, walnuts, etc. For the best results, you should have one or two servings of the foods mentioned above. It might take some time to achieve the desired results.

Human Hair Wigs

If you don’t mind, it’s okay to use human hair wigs to look great. Human hair wigs come in different sizes and qualities. They also cost different prices. Thus, take your time and choose something that resonates with your personality. Are you not sure how to choose the right wigs to achieve fuller hair?

First, you want to find the sort of problems your hair has. Maybe they fall too much, or your hair has grown thinner and less attractive. You also want to choose the right color that matches your natural hair so people can’t notice the difference. Create a budget, and be sure to get your hair from a trusted company that deals online or offline.

Orange Puree

Pectin, Vitamin C, and acids in oranges might help your hair in certain ways, especially if you want your hair to look thicker and attractive. The vitamins and acids in orange might help enhance your hair’s luster, so your hair will seem to be thicker.

If you have used hair products before, some residue might be left in your hair. You can get rid of them using oranges. The acids in orange are known to remove any components that might be left in your hair. Orange puree can be used as a hair treatment by massaging it into the scalp and hair.

Closing Thoughts

Note that you can always take care of your hair using the secrets mentioned above. Regardless of how bad the condition of your hair is, with consistency, you can always get the best results. Your hair needs acids, proteins, and some vitamins to thrive. If the condition doesn’t improve, be sure to talk to an expert.