Are you interested in surfing? If you have never tried it before, you should start somewhere. Good surfers out there began by taking lessons.

Are you interested in surfing? If you have never tried it before, you should start somewhere. Good surfers out there began by taking lessons. Before you choose the right classes, there’re important factors you should consider. For instance, you can decide based on location and age limit. Here are the things to consider when finding the ideal surf lesson.


Before you decide to enroll in a surfing school, it helps to know the money you will be charged. For example, in California, surf lessons in Santa Barbara cost different amounts of money than lessons up north in Santa Cruz or Big Sur. In this case, you need to develop a budget and find out what you can afford. Note that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg becoming a good surfer. There are a lot of experienced instructors that don’t charge a ‘professional’ fee.

Better still, once you identify the right school to join, you can ask for a discount. Most trainers would be happy to provide you with the best services possible. Some of these include offering amazing deals to beginners and large groups. But you won’t get any offers unless you ask.

Level of Experience

To get the best training, you want to ensure that your trainer has adequate experience. Unless you get better training, you’ll waste money and still not surf like a trained person. There’re many ways to determine whether you’re in the right hands in terms of experience.

A good college should have an online presence. This could be a website or a social media account. On their website, you can see how long they have offered their services in a given location. But if such details are not available, give them a call and talk to their representatives. A good surfing school should have been in the market for at least five continuous years.

Read Online Reviews

If you’re looking at an established school, you can get reviews about them on the internet. Through reviews, you can find out how the school is. Today, many websites have developed the tendency of writing their reviews. They post online to dupe unsuspecting individuals.

You want to be certain that the reviews you read are on credible websites or social media accounts. Did you know that you can ask past clients how good a given trainer is? It’s the fastest way to find a good surfing school within your location without breaking a sweat. But, these must be people you trust and have used the same services before.

Create a List

To pick the best trainer, you need to develop a comprehensive list of available options. That way, you can choose one based on the details available and your tastes and preferences. Thus, take your time, search the internet, and list down all the service providers you have been able to find.

Once you have your long list ready, start narrowing it down. To narrow down the list, you should ask yourself important questions. What’s the cost of the training? Location of the school, and the duration the full training would take. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, you should be left with one or two schools you would be happy to join.

Make a Choice

It’s easier to pick the right school if you’ve followed all the steps above. At this level, you’ve narrowed down the list. You only need to single out one lesson to join. To make a decision, you should clearly understand the nature of services you would be happy to receive from the ideal trainer.

You can get their contact details on their websites or social media accounts. Use the same to get in touch with their customer representatives. Ask them some questions to establish whether they are the right individuals to strike a deal with. Ask them about the offers available, location, and the terms and conditions they have in place.


If you follow the steps above, you won’t have any problem finding the best surf lessons in your location and its proximity. It might be perceived as a lot of work, but you can get things done in a day or two if you take your time. Do you still have more questions about finding the right surf lessons in your location? Let us know in the comments.