You are a sports fanatic who spends every waking hour of the day either talking about your favorite team, discussing the merits of various players with your friends, or gazing dreamily at your prized sports memorabilia collection. You will play any game or sport that you can get your hands on. However, with such little time and all of your friends being sports fanatics, you have a hard time finding ways to spend any time with them that do not revolve around some sport.

Luckily for you and your beloved friends, there are plenty of fun activities for sports fanatics that are not focused on playing games or sports.

Join Community Sports Programs

There are various sports leagues, community leagues, and recreational sports organizations that cater to the needs of a sports fanatic. These sports programs are not involved in team play – rather, these leagues have organized activities at the same time and place for each sport. It allows even those who do not like any particular sport the chance to try out all of them. So, instead of playing soccer, go skateboarding, or join a gymnastics class with your friends. The best part is that many of these programs are free or include a minimal fee.

Attend a Sports Event

Any sports event like the ones played out at the major league baseball stadiums is known for having an exciting atmosphere centered on the sports. However, baseball is only one of the many sports played at those stadiums. These stadiums have several other activities and tournaments that go along with it, such as bowling, golfing, charity tournaments, and more! There are even concessions at most games. Lakers trade rumors, NFL Picks, and NBA playoff predictions are amongst what many people talk about following the conclusion of one of these events.

Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The Hockey Hall of Fame is one of the best globally, and it respects its players and sportsmanship. Many trophies, pictures, statues, jerseys, and gear are on display at the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Hockey Hall of Fame not only honors those who had a positive impact on the game – but also those who made contributions to other aspects of hockey such as electrical equipment, video games, and more! There are also plenty of games that visitors can play at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Paint a Sports Wall Mural in Their Room

So many sports have their fan clubs. Many also include a section of the room devoted to their favorite sports. If you know someone who has one of these rooms, it may be a good idea to paint them a sports mural in their room for a fun activity for those people to do together.

Sign Them Up for Summer Sports Camps

Sports camps are available all year round. Some of the most popular sports camps take place during the summer months. These camps cover a variety of sports, whether it is volleyball, softball, baseball, or a camp focused on one specific sport. Sports camps also allow learning new skills and improving upon old ones through one-on-one instruction and group activities. You can have fun with your sports fanatic in the process, too.

Root for College Basketball Teams

College basketball is, of course, the center of the sporting world for most sports fanatics. At least in the large metropolitan areas, most college teams have their fan clubs and supporters. If you know someone who lives near an area school with a big reputation for their basketball team, make sure to ask them if they are planning on going to see their games this year. If your friend is a fan of one particular team and they are playing a highly ranked opponent, be sure to attend that game with them.


As you can see, there are many fun things your sports fanatic can do that don’t involve watching the game or playing the game. Most of these activities are also non-competitive, so there is little chance of any hatred or arguments arising. If you have a sports fanatic in your life, be sure to find ways to spend some time with them that are not centered around sports, or you may soon find yourself having to hide all of their memorabilia and trophies; from view!