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Making a dedicated craft room is a major goal for many crafters in the US. It can be hard to find the space in a busy family home to devote to a craft room, which is why many people are turning to their backyards to find the solution.  

A shed converted to a craft room can be the perfect place to set up your home workstation. It can help you avoid the distractions of daily life and lose yourself in your craft. Here are some of the key things you need for an outdoor craft room to get the most out of the space.  


Power is crucial for your craft room. No matter what kind of craft you do, you’ll need light and warmth to be comfortable while you work. You should ensure that you set up your craft room somewhere you can easily connect it to the electrical power in your home. The wiring should always be set up by a professional.  


Most crafts require some tools to do well. You will likely already have some of the tools to ply your craft, but it can be beneficial to invest in some more as you’ll have more space with your outdoor craft room. Make a wish list of all the things you need or want for your craft and work through it, buying a little at a time.  


For your outdoor craft room, you’ll need a suitable shed. Ideally, you should choose one large enough shed that you can put insulation in to help keep you warm. That will allow you all the room you need to do your crafting. It may help to plan what you want the space to look like and choose a shed that will accommodate this. You can find backyard garden sheds for sale in a massive range of sizes and styles from the leading shed providers at Ulrich. 


Once you have your shed set up, it is time to decorate! You can decorate however you like, but a lick of paint, some artwork on the walls, and lamps for cozy lighting are all excellent first steps. It’s also best to choose lighter color schemes for the interior of your craft room, as this will ensure it feels bright and welcoming.  


You will need appropriate storage for all of your craft supplies. Given that you won’t be keeping your supplies in your home, you should ensure they’re kept safe from any water or insects that might be able to get into your shed. It can help to find ways to ensure your shed stays watertight and pest-free to protect your supplies. It is also good to ensure any valuable supplies are locked up safe.  


Comfortable seating is an essential finishing touch. You should carefully consider what kind of seating you need and consider ergonomic support. You could consider a comfortable armchair for more relaxed hobbies or an office-style desk chair if you will need a flat surface in front of you to work on.