Asian woman praying by faith with laptop, book, notebook on it, praying position. Online church from home concept.

Church is an integral part of many people’s lives, but attending church services regularly isn’t always possible. Whether your church closes because of pandemic restrictions or you can’t go to services because of a medical condition or living situation, you don’t have to give up on your faith and can still practice in other ways. By finding ways to remain active in your religion while you’re unable to attend church, you can stay connected to your faith better and will likely have a deeper appreciation for your church when you start attending services again.

Read Your Bible Regularly

If you study Bible passages frequently, you’ll have an easier time staying grounded in your faith and remembering the important messages of the Bible. You can choose to read a few passages daily so that you can remain on a set schedule and incorporate religious teachings more into your daily life. If you don’t have a lot of time to read your Bible, you can listen to audio readings while you’re driving, at the gym, or doing other routine activities.

Attend Church Virtually

You can use the power of technology to tune in to church services through a computer or mobile phone. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many churches have started to stream their services online so that parishioners can still enjoy the benefits of attending in-person services without having to leave their homes. Church online live services can be streamed at regular church service times so that no one ever has to miss a service, as you can tune in at a time you normally would have attended in person, or you can catch a later stream should you miss your regular one.

Organize Small Bible Study and Prayer Groups

If you can do so safely, you can try organizing groups with a few attendees who want to continue to study the Bible and pray together. A smaller Bible study and prayer group can be a great alternative to a regular church service if your church is currently closed and has the chance to allow you to stay connected to members of your religious community. Each person can take turns reading certain Bible passages and ask questions or pose topics of discussion that will allow participants to explore the deeper meanings of the Bible.

Find Communities Online

You can search for different websites and online message boards that allow people who have the same religious beliefs as you to connect and discuss important topics. You can broaden your circle and meet new friends while staying more grounded in your faith by finding the right communities online. When you connect with religious communities online, you might even meet people who live in other countries and will help you broaden your cultural horizons.

Attending in-person church services isn’t the only way to stay connected to your faith. There are many great alternatives to church, and you may decide to continue using some of these methods even after you resume regular church attendance again.