Even though social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok continue to revolutionize the way people consume content, there’s still plenty of room for classic blogs on websites. There are so many people who are under the assumption that blogs are irrelevant, and their time passed years ago. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. If you still have a passion for blogging, consider the ways you can actually monetize your own in 2022.

1. Affiliate Marketing

When you create blog posts, make sure those blog posts contain some of the products and services you enjoy. When you insert the names of those products and services, be sure to include an affiliate link. As your readers click the link, they’ll be able to purchase the product. With each purchase, you’ll receive a commission. With enough people clicking and purchasing, you can make a significant amount of money. With so many companies offering affiliate programs, there’s no reason to leave this opportunity on the table.

2. Online Courses

If you’re well-versed in a specific topic, create an online course that people can purchase. Whether you use a teaching platform or craft the course from scratch, don’t take your information for granted by keeping it to yourself. There are people who will pay for your knowledge as you’re saving them the time they’d waste on researching and more.

3. Digital Books and Products

Digital books and products can be tons of fun to create. If you’re a fiction writer, create a series of fiction books. If you love short stories, produce a new short story each week or month. Create an email list so that you can promote it there first. Digital products can include planners, journals, and coloring books. Create a PDF version for people to purchase and download. The ability to experience instant gratification with a download is something so many people enjoy and find convenient.

4. Physical Store

If you’re a person who makes your own physical products, create a shopping tab on your website. Whether you’re selling interesting vintage pieces that you collect at local thrift stores or chocolate chip cookies you’ve made from scratch, you can always sell through your blog. 

Take stunning photos of the items you plan to sell. Make it easy for people to purchase through the website by using a reliable payment processor. You’ll also need to consider the costs of manufacturing and shipping. Nevertheless, a blog serves as an excellent way to control the conversation about your products.

5. Sponsored Posts

When you’re having the conversation surrounding how to make money online for beginners, it’s pretty pointless to leave sponsored posts out. Sponsored posts are incredible because they allow you to curate your own content as you partner with another brand. 

Work through the details of the brand deal regarding how much you want to earn from each post, social media promotional effort, and more. Do your research to learn about the standard rates companies pay bloggers with a specific amount of traffic flowing to their site. Unlike affiliate commissions that come in passively, sponsored posts typically allow you to gain upfront payments in lump sums.

6. Donation Feature

A donation feature is a simple way to gain more money with the click of a button. When you’re developing a consistent flow of readers, be mindful that some people will just want to send money because they love what you’re continuing to do, and they want to support you. 

One of the best parts of being a blogger is that just by being yourself, you can earn income. Keep track of how much gets donated each month. Even if it’s just $50 for the month, that’s more than you would’ve had if you hadn’t put that feature there. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to tell your readers that the donation button is available if they’d like to use it. Just don’t promote ad nauseam.


The path to a successful monetized blog involves strong marketing strategies and creativity. However, with intentional efforts and a persistent will to succeed, you can create your own blog that pays you well and stands as a part of your digital footprint that you can be proud of.