Combining words like marriage and prenuptial agreement seems ludicrous, yet here you are reading why it’s a good idea. It’s okay that you need a little convincing. Countless movies and shows tell you that bringing up a prenup leads to trouble. The following are some reasons couples should consider a prenup.

The Reality of Divorce

One big reason to consider prenuptial and postnuptial agreements deals with today’s divorce rate. Now, just because you’re objective about the divorce rate, that doesn’t mean you are going to get a divorce.

The truth is that about one in every four marriages could end in divorce. That means each relationship has a good chance of failing. No one wants their marriages to fail, but it may happen. This agreement is there for that possibility.

Keeps You Financially Afloat

The other reason to do this is to protect yourself from financial ruin. Both of you could be in major financial trouble should your marriage fail. A spouse could win alimony or even take a good chunk of your business.

Holding on to the other’s debt could make life difficult after the divorce. Sometimes, the reason folks get a divorce involves money, but the thing people don’t know is that a divorce without a prenup may not solve those money issues. It might not sound like a great conversation to have, but it’s necessary.

Prenups Help Prevent Stress

If a divorce does happen, emotions are going to run pretty high. Each party is going to be stressed out that this is happening. Ideally, the divorce will happen quickly, but that’s not always the case.

Without a prenup, you may be stuck with a lengthy divorce. You’ll be fighting about who deserves what. All of this can go away with a prenup. Try to keep in mind that signing one doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed as mentioned earlier. You’re just being realistic.

Signing Makes Things Fair

Signing one of these makes things fair in a number of ways. For example, if you happen to have a lot of money, then you know your partner is marrying you because they want you, not because of your money.

If someone is caught cheating for some reason, the prenup ensures the victim gets it all. That’s a pretty fair deal and a simpler one because it’s all agreed upon before you two get married. Plus, this pretty much promotes fidelity, and that’s a good thing.

Protects Kids From Previous Events

Folks get married at different stages of their lives. Some do it when they’re young, while others get married when they’re older. Some have children already, which is important to keep in mind before getting married.

A prenup ensures that the interest of those children is given back to the parent should a divorce happen. Sure, your partner may grow attached to your kid, but you’re the parent. It gives you peace of mind as a parent.

Settles Arguments Beforehand

A lot of arguments can be solved, thanks to a prenup. Solving these beforehand saves time and headaches. Asking these questions of each other also makes it easier to get to know one another even more than you already do.

You can ask yourselves about pet ownership. If a divorce does happen, you’ll both agree on who gets to keep the family pet. This is just one argument that you may have. Squash it before it tears your family apart later.

Save on Attorney Fees

Attorneys can cost a lot of cash. This is especially true if you have a complicated divorce that’s taking a long time to settle. This cost is something both parties have to deal with when there is no prenup to slash all that away.

All issues are already settled, so the divorce should go smoothly, and that means you both get to save on attorney fees. You’ll need as much cash as possible now that you’re both going off on your own again.

These are just some reasons you need a prenup. If you want more reasons, talk to a lawyer. You’ll see why you should keep going with this plan.