Whether you’re an intern, a manager, or a supervisor, whatever role you play in the company you work for, etiquette is essential and will determine your professional success.

Etiquette matters a lot when you work in a professional setting such as an office. The way you interact or present yourself with your supervisors, coworkers, or others around you defines your character and will directly influence your career success over time. Whether you’re an intern, a manager, or a supervisor, whatever role you play in the company you work for, etiquette is essential and will determine your professional success. Several things can enhance your productivity once you implement them. Scroll down to understand the do and don’ts for any office setting position.

You need to master what it takes to be respectful of others in your working environment if you want to be a role model to your colleagues. Even if you’re an office manager or the boss, below are several do’s and don’ts for any office setting position that will not fail you when executing your day-to-day duties.

The Do’s

1. DO Get Real

There are reasons why you get assigned specific roles and responsibilities at your workplace. Know what your boss or colleagues expect from you and to what extent. Be frank with yourself and do your best to produce more desirable outcomes out of you. But that doesn’t mean you must finish everything you have on the table or you’re supposed to do. It’s better to do one thing perfectly than to finish everything wrongly and end up yielding negative results. If you’re unable to complete your tasks, it’s good to write up reasons professionally that explain the issue and forward them to the relevant authority. Don’t wait until your boss finds out you did not finish your job so that you can start explaining yourself.

2. DO Inquire How Things Work

It’s vital to ask for guidance wherever you doubt yourself. Generally, your coworkers will be glad to offer a helping hand anytime you are unsure about how things work. Ask for assistance from your colleagues than do things wrongly and impact your work negatively.

3. DO Always Be On Time

Try always to be punctual. When your presence is needed somewhere, ensure to show up on time. Don’t be that person others wait for so that they can begin. Try to show much respect to your coworkers by being available anytime you’re needed.

4. DO Be Caring

Caring is about knowing that you’re working with people and not robots. Understand that people are not equal. Never expect your colleagues to deliver outcomes the same as yours. Even when your colleague is wrong, try your level best to rectify them in a way that they don’t feel ill-treated or victimized.

5. DO Smile

Appearing approachable, friendly, and happy at the office can make you valuable and do more for your career. When you have a positive attitude, your colleagues will willingly interact with you and feel happy whenever you’re around them.

The Don’ts

1. DON’T Gossip

Gossiping is not good in any office setup. If you have an issue with someone, do speak out for the problem to be solved. However, ensure to use the relevant channels to speak out about your colleague if you cannot personally approach the person. Never speak negatively about others, even when you feel frustrated about their mistakes.

2. DON’T Always Complain

If you find an issue at your office that is affecting your work, try to solve the matter while adhering to your company policy. There are complaints you can solve by yourself without involving others. When complaining is the only option, be professional and use the right tone to communicate your complaint.

3. DON’T Dress Inappropriately

Different office settings demand varying dressing codes. Find out what dressing code the company you work for wants and ensure you dress appropriately each time you show up for work.

4. DON’T Shout

If you’re on a phone call disputing something that is not clear, don’t shout even if the recipient keeps on insisting. Try to lower your tone and sound professional every time you make calls (whether official or personal calls) while at the office.

5. DON’T Disrespect Others

Never think your job is more important than what others do. Always respect your colleagues. Never underestimate the job others do since you may require their help.

The Bottom Line

Mastering these do’s and don’ts can make you a pleasant colleague such that others envy to work alongside. Remember no person is perfect. Therefore, never feel of lesser value whenever you make mistakes. When you make a mistake, learn from it and try your best never to repeat it.