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The idea of a ‘career’ often rests on vague definitions. For instance, a career in itself may start or stop at any time. You may choose a different career approach completely despite mastering a given field. One ‘career’ at a certain company may not translate to a new ‘career’ elsewhere. Some people use it to refer to the entire scope of their employment no matter how many changes that encompass, some people may use it to refer to their time in the military solely, while others might not consider themselves as having a ‘career’ based on working freelance and in running their own company.

Some people might work a vocation they would have been doing anyway, limiting the idea of what a career serving as paid work you don’t really want to do but have to perform regardless. 

One thing is for sure though – however, you define it, the lat thing you should want to achieve is harming your career before it properly begins. If we’re careless or fail to notice the opportunities in our path, this can, unfortunately, serve as a real problem. With that in mind, let’s heed the following advice:

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Avoiding Opportunities

Unfortunately, it’s true that avoiding potential opportunities that may otherwise come your way can limit your networking potential. For instance, using Clerkship America for the best clinical rotations can help you expand your medical experience while also giving you the chance to find practical on-placement lessons. Those who turn their nose up at potential additions to verifying their career direction, in specializing, or in taking an opportunity when it’s available will ultimately be less competitive than those who do. Keeping that in mind can help you make the best decision.

Social Media Overuse

It’s true to say that it’s entirely possible to harm your career by being too carefree with your social media activity. Does this mean you shouldn’t post? Of course not – you’re free to do what you wish. But the truth is that if you regularly post highly combative content, conduct yourself with bombast, or are incredibly intensive and vitriolic – or in some cases, just post content that an employer wouldn’t react to favorably, then there’s a chance you could scupper your plans. More and more employers tend to look at social media and online conduct as a means of verifying their employees. It’s best to keep yourself measured.

Reputational Knocks

It’s good to take a healthy approach to your reputation, that is, to manage it like you would a resource. Make sure it’s not stained by false impressions, or allow yourself to scupper your integrity in order to make marginal upgrades in your position. If you can do this, keeping your head down and your work speaking for itself, then people become much more likely to notice and appreciate you as you deserve to be. An approach like that can truly make all the difference in how opportunities grow.

With this advice, we believe you can avoid harming your career before the chance ever begins.